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Wednesday’s Woman–Monica McDonald, Creative Crochet

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My wise writing buddy LeaAnn told me that I needed to be on Twitter to grow my blog readership. I whined. I had tried it once before and hated it. She explained her reasons. I conceded, and though I’m still not the greatest and don’t fully understand it, I am glad I gave Twitter a second chance.

In returning to Twitter I have made some new friends. Friends who are in the trenches of autism and are online in the evenings after their kiddos are in bed, or are on for a quick, “Is anybody there?” in the afternoon between life’s day-to-day events. One of these friends is today’s Wednesday’s Woman.

You can tell from her 140 character tweets that she has personality and spunk. She wants to be the best mommy she can, and she’s going all-out for her son. I know he’s going to be fine. She’s going to see to it. Plus, she’s here to teach us something fun today! (Something I never could.) And now, here is Mo McDonald in her own words…

When Jenny (aka twitter supermomma friend and my helpful guide in the world of GFCF diets) asked me if I’d like to be a Wednesday Woman, I clicked over to her blog, read about three Wednesday Woman posts, and concluded that she had just asked me to be polite, as she is a very kind person. Well, she is also a very persistent person who knows what she wants and so, here I am!

My name is Monica McDonald and I am mostly a mom. I’m a bit surprised to be one, as by the time I was well into my twenties, I’d decided that marriage and family wasn’t my calling and to focus on my career as a second grade teacher. Which, incidentally, didn’t last long, as midway through my first year of teaching I got engaged and at the beginning of my second, found out I was expecting. My husband and I both agreed we wanted to try having a stay at home mom for our kids, so home is where I’ve stayed.

I had my first baby boy and motherhood was much more challenging than I expected. I always knew my chld was different, but most people didn’t believe me. I was often lectured on my parenting skills. I was also very lonely, as we had purchased our home in an area where people tended to stagnate or move out in less than a year.

It was difficult to make friends, complicated by an unusually fussy baby. Just after his first birthday, I decided I needed a hobby to cheer me up. My old standby, scrapbooking and cardmaking, was impractical with a busy baby on the move. But winter was coming, and he would need a hat. I made him a little crochet camoflauge beanie. It was boring.

I fussed with yarn until I’d made a cute little caterpillar and stitched it on. I got lots of compliments and I’d enjoyed making it. I had an idea for a laybug hat, which I made and promptly had no use for. That’s when my husband’s coworker mentioned his wife’s Etsy shop to my husband. My husband mentioned it to me. I made a couple more hats and opened my shop, Mo & Ozzy, in September 2009.

Since then I’ve made a lot of hats, branched out to other crochet items, had another baby boy, witnessed the heartbreaking onset of autism in my oldest, discovered the sensory problems behind his long-time trouble with crowds and unfamiliar places, and gained some lovely friends.

In addition to crochet and yarn shopping, I enjoy playing the piano when I can get away with it, learning to help my son, and gabbing away on my YouTube channel about parenting a beautiful child with special needs and cloth diapering my delightful baby.

I’m also supposed to teach you something from my area of expertise. I don’t consider myself much of an expert on anything, but I suppose I could teach you how to make a cute little hair elastic.

Start with a flower. If you can’t crochet or knit or sew one, you can cut one from felt, fabric, or a colorful plastic tablecloth. If your flower is made from a thin material like that, go ahead and cut a few flowers and stack them to give them a little dimension.

Now, the next step is as easy as sewing a button. Because that is exactly what you are going to do. Pick out a button that looks good in the center of your flower. Don’t stress out about which button looks good. Just grab a few, place each one on your flower, and use the one you like the best. Now thread a needle. I have no helpful hints for this part, other than to try, try again.

Bring the two ends of the thread together and tie a big old knot. Starting at the back of your flower, punch the needle through and then thread on the button. Now go back down through a different hole on that button, all the way through the flower. Grab a hair elastic. Pass the needle through it before going back up through the back. And now there will be a hair elastic attatched to the back of your flower!

Keep going with that sewing part. When you’re not afraid it will fall apart anymore, tie the thread off on the back. And look at you, you crafty thing! You made your own boutique-y hair pretty.

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Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

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