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All About Reading is Here!

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Do you remember my Wednesday’s Woman, Marie Rippel? She created a spelling curriculum to meet her son’s needs.

Well, Marie has decided to create a multi-sensory approach to reading as well! And guess what!? She invited me to test it out with Dr. J and Meatball! The catch was I’d have to wait! The program was in the final stages of production.

The other day a box surprised me. It was the Pre-1 Level for All About Reading (affiliate link), Marie’s new program! It was like opening a Christmas present! Pre-1 is going to teach the boys the five pre-reading skills they need to be awesome readers.

The very first thing to greet me was Ziggy the Zebra! His fuzzy mane was sticking up under the packing paper, calling to be let out! Marie sent me the Deluxe Set, plus the extra audio books on CD.

Sunday afternoon I put the audio version of the rhyming alphabet story in the computer, and the boys stopped playing! They laughed at some of the silly rhymes, and when I showed them the book that matched, they enjoyed the beautiful pictures. Ziggy said hello to the boys, and Noah hugged him!

I pulled apart the perforated activity cards and put them in the little box that will hold them in one place for me. Then I took out the sturdy tote bag, put all the materials inside, tucked Ziggy the Zebra puppet on top, and handily stowed the bag in the closet. Voila–it’s all waiting for our first lesson on Monday!

I am really looking forward to using these items with the boys! Believe me, I will keep you posted, so make sure you check back!

Marie has even made TWO FREE E-BOOKS for you to use! Just click on the affiliate image below, and it will direct you to your free e-books that your children will love. They’ll get to meet Ziggy the Zebra!

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

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