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Autism Picture Book Review & Giveaway!


CONGRATULATIONS TO A DAILY WOMAN! chose #1 as the winning entry! Thank you to all who entered, and remember you can order your copy of Annie’s books here! Please continue to help spread the word about her books.


I am very excited today to bring to you TWO picture books about autism. You will get to meet the author in more detail on Wednesday, as she is this week’s Wednesday’s Woman. I think I’m most excited because I’ve gotten to know Annie online, and she’s fabulous. She’s friendly, helpful, outgoing, encouraging–a great representation of someone who loves her Lord.

I won’t tell you much more about Annie so you can learn more Wednesday. Let’s get to her books! Annie decided to write about autism and her daughter in picture book style. This intrigued me, because my boys are 3 and 5. Dr. J, my autistic son, and I wanted to start looking into autism picture books.

Books about autism are making their way into the general market, and Annie’s books deserve a place on those shelves. The drawings are amazing. There is one particular drawing in the first book that stopped me in my tracks. I could not believe the artist could capture such heartbreak in a parent’s face. I have felt exactly what the artist portrayed. What’s more, the artist is a teenager!

Ashi’s Gift opens the reader’s eyes to the world of autism, for both child and parent. Each page illustrates an element of autism from the child’s perspective and a parent’s view. Very eye-opening. Annie created a book that families can give to others to help them understand their child. This book would be a fantastic addition to school libraries to offer a tool for helping students gain insight into autism.

Annie published two books in one year! Her second book, Ashi: In a Class All By Myself, delves into school issues and why autists struggle in a regular classroom. Annie also explains why she decided to homeschool Ashi. Additionally, the book offers suggestions for helping your child without saying, “Do this…Try that…” Again, this book is a great tool for families to share with others. Sometimes our friends and family don’t understand our words, but when they read it in a picture book, it’s easier to understand and less threatening.

Annie has written a third book, not yet published, Ashi’s Birthday & Other Dreaded Days. I can’t wait for it to be released! I don’t think people understand exactly how difficult the hubbub of special days is for our kids. Annie’s third book will be an excellent resource for parents to pass to friends and family to garner understanding.

Now, the best part! Annie has graciously agreed to give away a copy of Ashi’s Gift to one of my readers in the United States! Whether you want to teach your children about one kind of special need, or you want to help your own family, this is a great prize! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT FOR EACH ENTRY. Giveaway ends Friday at midnight PST and winner will be announced sometime Saturday.

MANDATORY ENTRY: This entry must be completed first! Poke around Annie’s website and come back. Leave a comment about something you learned, a picture you like, a promotional item you think is fun, etc.


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That’s it! I can’t wait to see which random entry wins! Have fun! Make sure you read here to learn more about Annie and Ashi in a Wednesday’s Woman feature!

Ashi’s Gift and Ashi: In a Class All By Myself were sent to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

21 thoughts on “Autism Picture Book Review & Giveaway!

  1. I read the About Me on Annie’s site and reading her story is like reading about myself. My son is now 7 and even though I feel he has a long way to go he has come along way. Its great to have others that you could look up to.

  2. Follow Annie on Twitter and posted a message

  3. Shared this giveaway on FB

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  5. I love the photos. Izaiah’s so darling.


  6. Hey! You all are so wonderful! Thanks for visiting my site – I love you all to pieces, we just have so much in common. And Jenny – you are the best! Love your blog site. I’m having a ball on here:)

  7. I love love love the pic of Ashi reading to the baby. She looks so absolutely happy. It’s those precious moments I love to see captured in picture.

  8. I like the artwork she does for the covers.

  9. I followed her on twitter and said hi…forgot to say hi on FB and went back and did that.

  10. So glad that I found your blog and that you reviewed these books. It can be so difficult for our family and friends to understand what we are going through. Sometimes it’s even hard for us to understand. I am the Mommy to wonderful, amazing, autistic 5 year old Triplets. Thank you, Annie for writing these books!

  11. I have “liked” Ashi’s Gift face book page and commented

  12. I’ve shared “Ashi’s Gift” facebook page with my FB Friends 🙂

  13. Wow! Thanks for all your responses – I love mommies of autists, we are all joined by something so big, something so joyful, something so painful, something we are all so passionate about!! Tammie S. I must say how wonderful I think it is that you are a “proud Mommy of ASD triplets” You should be proud. I can’t even imagine the heartbreak, the hard times, the joy, the blessings, the progress x 3..Wow, the Lord must think so highly of you to trust you with this plate. I am truly stunned and in admiration. I commend you for your fabulous attitude!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS! has chosen #1! Now I have to go see who that is. 🙂

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