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The Child with Autism at Home & in the Community–Review


Take a good look at this cover. Memorize the title–The Child with Autism at Home & in the Community. If you are still new to autism, you need this book! I am not joking. No one is paying me to say that. There are over 600 easy and practical tips that autism caregivers can use NOW! They will make your life easier and help make your child’s life happier. Yet another resource from Future Horizons that I wish I had two years ago when Dr. J’s reality was still new to us.

Kathy Labosh shares her best tips from trial-and-error parenting of two children with autism. LaNita Miller uses her expertise in teaching spectrum children to help caregivers succeed. Truly The Child with Autism at Home & in the Community deserves a place on shelves across the world in libraries, schools, and homes!

The list price in the US is $14.95. The tips in this book could easily save you hundreds of dollars, not to mention hours of frustration for you and your child! The suggestions for those who face fecal flinging are worth their weight in paper towels and clean clothes!

Kathy begins by going from room to room in your house and giving you sanity-saving advice. For example, in the bedroom she tells you to avoid appliqued pajamas so sensory avoiders don’t go crazy from the feel of fancy pictures! Following is one of my favorite paragraphs, because sometimes it is difficult for me to think about how heirlooms and other items survive so well in other families (My son is currently slowly decimating a bunk bed.). Kathy also blessed my heart with the empathy woven throughout the words. Not many people understand this phenomenon:

When you have a child with autism, you develop a disregard for material possesions that would be the envy of a medieval monk. You look upon all objects with an eye for what your child could do to them. Sigh, and move on. This section contains tips for keeping your remaining possessions clean and in working order.

After getting the reader set at home, the authors help caregivers manage outings into the community–the grocery store, the park, the mall, the hospital, etc. One of the best tips in this area is to take your child to an indoor place (church or theater, for example) ahead of time during its down time so your child can scope it out and get a feel for the layout.

The Child with Autism at Home & in the Community would make a fantastic gift for anyone you know with a recent autism diagnosis in their family. It will fill them with hope that they can handle this, one suggestion at a time! I know it sounds like I’m gushing, but I’m not. I just love finding resources that are actually helpful, that offer immediate improvement!

I received The Child with Autism at Home & in the Community from Future Horizons for honest review. All opinions are my own. To order your own copy, you can click here! If you would like to see another autism mom’s opinion of this book, you can read my friend Gina’s review here.

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

3 thoughts on “The Child with Autism at Home & in the Community–Review

  1. That sounds like the book for me! Thank you. I must get it!

    • Allie, I think it will be very helpful for you since your little man is still quite young. You’ll have to come back and let me know which ones are your favorite tips!

  2. I should be getting it in the mail today. I keep looking out the window for it to arrive =)

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