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Wednesday’s Woman–The YES! Girls

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Today we have more than one Wednesday’s Woman. We have the Yes Girls! Because they are entrepreneurs, they connected with my husband on Twitter, who then suggested they’d make great Wednesday’s Women. They decided to mix things up a bit and teach you first, then tell you about themselves. Get ready for some fun! And now, here are the Yes Girls in their own words…

Our niche started with planning marriage proposals; we help men head-over-heels for their girlfriends personalize their proposals to their relationship. After assisting with over 150 successful proposals, we realized that the thoughtfulness and romance shouldn’t end there.

For busy professionals, moms and dads, pursuing romance doesn’t always feel accessible. The truth is, every wedding anniversary is a reason to celebrate. It is another year you have both honored your commitment to your marriage. Whether it is your 5th, 15th or 50th anniversary, you don’t have to settle for another typical anniversary; the average couple can make their anniversary different than before! The Yes Girls, a team of romance planners, have come up with our top 5 tips to make your anniversary celebration go from good to wow! These few simple guidelines will not only make any romantic date you’re currently planning that much more special but your romantic efforts won’t go unnoticed.

1. Give the anniversary gift or trip the presentation it deserves. Don’t just tell him or her that you are going somewhere for your anniversary. Use a prop, video or leave a printed out itinerary somewhere they wouldn’t expect to find it.

2.  Pay attention and listen closely! As it starts to get closer to your anniversary put on your listening ears. See if your spouse mentions something s/he wants or somewhere they want to go. Perhaps you notice they are weighed down by cleaning, yard work or piles of laundry? Part of your gift can be giving your spouse more free time and hiring someone to take care of that chore for him/her.

3.  Plan well. If you know your spouse has a busy weekend with your kids schedules or a significant project at work don’t plan a night or weekend to celebrate during that “busyness”; they won’t be present or able to enjoy the anniversary. Even if your anniversary passes, give a thoughtful card on the day of, and celebrate at a time that works best for you both.

4.   If you’re in charge of planning the anniversary this year, add in a surprise that is specific to what your spouse would appreciate (ie: broadway show, a facial, horseback ride, etc) and lovingly participate without any complaints. However, since it’s celebration of you both and your marriage, also plan activities you love to do together!

5.  Never pretend you forgot the anniversary to pull off a better surprise. This will get you nowhere. Especially with women.

We hope you take these tips to heart and make this anniversary the best one you have planned yet! Need help with an original idea, adding personal touches or planning the whole shindig so your spouse does not find out? The Yes Girls can help. Check out our anniversary packages. The first seven Many Hats Mommy readers to book an anniversary package will receive a 10% discount. It’s never too soon to start planning so don’t miss out.  

Here is an example of a past anniversary we planned: A New Zealand 25th Anniversary Getaway

The Yes Girls Events is a team of female wedding, marriage proposal, and romance planners. More importantly, The Yes Girls is a company made up of four best friends who are in love with love.

The Yes Girls Events was founded in 2008 on the passion and life-long dream of young entrepreneur and President, Heather Vaughn, the original proposal planner. Their event planning expertise, allows them to produce fresh and creative ideas for every couple. The Yes Girls believe exceptional anniversaries, weddings and proposals are created by building positive relationships with clients, so that every detail is communicated and reflects the couples style and personalities.

Oh, how fun–a discount just for my faithful readers! Make sure you look into that, and check out their blog while you’re over there, too!

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

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