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Tips on Getting your Kids Organized and Self Dependent this School Year


Today I have a guest post for you from Katherine of Part Select. She is in charge of community relations and reached out to me, offering to share some ideas with my readers. Whether you have three children to get ready for a yellow bus in the morning, five children to get to the homeschool table every day, or one child going either place, you will benefit from Katherine’s tips! Most schools have already started, but there is still great information here.

Tips on Getting Your Kids Organized and
Self-Dependent This School Year

All parents struggle with this, so please do not feel as if you are alone! Getting your kids organized and self-dependent not only helps them mature, but also helps you get through your morning routine smoothly and stress free.

Like a lot of parents, I have almost always worked while my children have been growing up, and they have always had to get moving in the morning. By making them get themselves dressed and teeth brushed, the morning rush does go easier. When you hear your child(ren) starting to wake up, start making their breakfast. When the food is on the table let them know that you are starting the timer. This will result in kids running to get to the table to eat!

Here are few tips that I use almost daily, and our morning routine usually ends with their being at the bus stop 10 minutes before the bus needs to get pick them up! To get your child organized for the school year, consider implementing some of these ideas into your morning routine which will also result in your child learning to be independent.

1. Have them help pack their backpack for the first day of school. Try to do this one week in advance just in case you have forgotten something on the list. Having them pack their own bag is also a great way for them to establish a mental check list for the entire school year.

2. Have the kids lay out their outfits for the next day when they are getting their pj’s on. If you can, have a one-week organizer and have them place their outfits for the week in the slots (works great for after school activity items as well). Then in the mornings they should be able to pick out their outfits and gets dressed themselves quickly and with no hassle.

3. Encourage your kids to pick out what they want in their lunch bag and snack bag the night before. If they do this, you can make their sandwiches the night before thus avoiding something else to get done during the morning rush. By grade 3 (if not before) they should be able to make their own lunch and snack.

4. As soon as children get home from school have them unpack their backpacks and put items where they go. Also, if they only have a few minutes of homework have them get it out of the way and put back in their backpacks!

5. Set a timer for your kids when they are eating breakfast. This gets them going, and all kids love a challenge. Most schools only allow students 15 minutes to go through the hot lunch line and eat their food. Having them practice on breakfast not only speeds up the morning, but the timer keeps you from roaring at them to hurry up.

6. Do NOT turn the television on in the morning, children like to sit and watch and become mesmerized with whatever is on, be it the morning news or cartoons. If you need background noise, consider turning on the radio to an upbeat genre station. Your kids will be dancing out the door in no time.

Encouraging your children to get ready themselves not only helps with the morning rush at home, but gives your children a since of self-independence which helps out their teachers as well. Most teachers don’t have time to get all of their students’ coats and boots on, so having them do it on their own helps everyone, including themselves. Do make sure to provide your kids with a breakfast high in protein such as eggs. This will make them feel full longer and help them to stay alert and self-dependent all day!

Please remember that all children are different and all of the suggestions above may not suit your family. Try some of these ideas out and see what happens. Implement one at a time, not all of
them at once. Kids don’t like change any more than adults do!

This guest post was brought to you by, retailer of Whirlpool Parts with over 30,000 sets installation instruction for DIY appliance repair and a growing library of how-to videos.

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

3 thoughts on “Tips on Getting your Kids Organized and Self Dependent this School Year

  1. Great post!! I had baby #3 in July and then my oldest started all day kindergarten 5 weeks later, so I’m a rookie at this whole school routine thing! I really like how much you have your kids be responsible for. My daughter is not a great tooth-brusher (nor does she brush long enough if I’m not right there), but some mornings it’s either she does it herself or it won’t get done! By the way, I’ve found this Mom’s Guide to have some good tips.

    • Congratulations, Emily! I imagine it is hard to adjust to two new milestones at once, though! Thanks for the tips, too. Go easy on yourself–remember that this stage won’t be here forever. Take time to rest and enjoy. 😉

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