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Vaccine Injury Awareness Month–John’s Story, Part 2


As I reread over Cheryl’s words, my heart breaks again. God has given her a strength unknown to many, to most. Let’s continue John’s story. (If you missed Part 1 yesterday, click here.)

Within three months I was starting to worry. The autistic like trance I had seen John slip into would be repeated over and over, out of the blue with no warning. It would last only a few minutes and then the happy go lucky toddler would come back to play. I said nothing to anyone, until the morning his preschool director called. She asked me to come in and sit outside the classroom door and watch what John was doing. I told her I knew, he was going into some kind of spell and loosing contact. We talked as I watched John hide under a table and rock and cry for a few minutes.

“That’s autism.” I said slowly

“Can’t be, I mean he was not born autistic.” She said

“I know, but that’s what that is, something has caused it.” I said.

“Well I never heard of that, but it’s getting worse and more frequent here, and he is loosing his speech.” She said staring into the room and not looking at me.

“I know, I just don’t know what to make of it.” I said back, also staring straight into the room and not looking at her.

As the fall days grew colder and the holidays were near, John got sick. A round of antibiotics helped him recover from illness, but he seemed to be even more distant and lost as each day passed. He had gone from saying “Mommy, Thomas the TANK!” to a slight “Thomas” as we crossed the rail road tracks near out home. I tired to put my time into planning for Christmas and keeping life as normal as possible for my family while my heart was screaming out that something had gone wrong with my little boy and I needed answers.

I will forever believe that God gave us Christmas day 1994 as a gift from him, a day to remember, a day I would record and save the last words John would ever say. That morning John woke up like any happy two year old and circled the Christmas tree looking at the gifts Santa left during the night. With great enthusiasm John went after race cars and books, he tore into gifts and chided his brother with the ever important boundary line of “THAT’S MMMMMIIIINNNEEE!” We were for a few hours, a normal family. At one point I even remarked to my husband that whatever had been an issue with John over the last few months was gone, and we sure had our boy back. Forty eight hours later, and he was gone for good.

John had a slight seizure while sitting in his Father lap the day after Christmas. So slight had I not been watching, I would have missed it. John was running a low grade fever and when we made a trip to the doctor that day the seizure was dismissed as febrile, don’t worry lots of kids have them. But John was not just sick, he was glassy eyed and made a buzzing sound non-stop. I tired hard to get him to speak but when he did, it sounded like garbled letter sounds. Nothing was recognizable. John got over a viral infection, but John, the boy we knew, was missing.

January is always cold and grey and this year of 1995 was no  exception. My heart grew heavy as John no longer spoke or did he seem to be connected with us most of the time. Everyone around me dismissed my worries or made light of the situation, everyone but his preschool teacher and director and my best friend Kim. They knew and I knew, the boy John had been in September when school started was not the boy he was now. To make matters worse Johns diarrhea came back with a vengeance. Nothing I did helped him. I started making phone calls in search of medical and education help for John. I wanted some answers as to what had happened and I wanted a plan to get him back.

If you’ve experienced something similar, I’d love for this to be a safe place for you to leave your comments.


Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

8 thoughts on “Vaccine Injury Awareness Month–John’s Story, Part 2

  1. This breaks my heart. I have heard of some children finding healing from vaccine autistic-like reactions through homeopathy. I implore you to suggest this to your dear friend.

    • Yes, she used a lot of biomedical treatments to help him. If you got to read part one, it says he’s now 19. He was severely injured, but has greatly improved. Still nonverbal, though, and can’t hold a pencil. 😦

  2. Yes we did use a homeopathic Md. I do credit that as part of the success. John lost everything. Think of a normal little 2 year old who wakes up and in a matter of days can no longer speak, soon after, cannot make any sound but scream…think of that child not being able to walk after a stroke, or even open and close his hand. Flat, like a new born without any reflexes…that was my son…my breathing blob of humanity. NNOOTTHHIINGG left, but breath. John has come a very, very long way and a few things I credit as success was homeopathic drops to remove vaccines, Glen Doman’s means for working with a brain damaged child, diet change, chelation and time. Bottom line is…we didn’t get the big recovery, not everyone does. I have worked with families for years and I can tell you some get quick success from nothing more than ABA while others try everything known to man and don’t get anywhere. Why one child started taking 3 weeks into a gfcf diet and went on to normal first grade, blows my mind. Still we will never give up or stop looking into new ideas or revisiting the old ones. Oh if you have ever read Doris Rapp’s books, I talked to her very early on in this journey. She was a wonderful guide and full of ideas. One thing I can tell you, I have been very blessed to stumble into the right people who helped me find new ideas and answers I would never have gotten had I just sat back and gone to his ped. day after day. I was also one of the ground breaking Mom’s to discover the link to heavy metals such as mercury in our kids, though at the time, I didn’t know the concept was new or just starting to come to light. I have been very blessed along the way and believe me, I take nothing for granted…in my child or any other child that I meet. Thank you so much for caring and for shaking Jenny to the core with questions…who knows..another parent may see this and YOU will have given them the golden key!

    God Bless~ Cheryl and John

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  4. Cheryl,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I read your story, and saw my son in it. Luckily he’s never lost speech and is making a lot of progress, but he still flaps his arms on a semi-regular basis, has had seizures (no medical reason, happened three times, never again) and is, in my opinion, very high functioning autistic. I’ve never had a diagnosis though. His point of change? When he received his 1 yr old vaccines. I don’t know if there is a connection, but I cannot help but think that this is the one thing that changed. I’ve been blamed for his issues. A neurologist told me that his tics and OCD were MY fault and it was my parenting techniques. I have three children, he’s the middle child, and only one child has this problem? It made me feel like crap and question EVERY move I’ve ever made as a parent.

    • Oh Tara, OCD is an issue of illness, not mental illness or bad parenting, but a real true issue! BAD DOCTOR!! Please check out the website Saving Sammy, which has up to date information about OCD’s and ticks. There are ton’s of stories like mine and yours out there. Yes, there is something to vaccines and issues, even the package inserts tell this, and give the much dire warning, but most MD, never read that package insert! You might want to check out the web blog Regarding Caroline or on facebook, The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, both can help you answer questions. Stand strong, don’t question yourself and go with your gut. Thank you for reading and posting to us, if I can help, you let me know.

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