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Wednesday’s Woman–Joyce Herzog, Educator

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Joyce shared her dill bread recipe with us, and now we can get to know here a little better! And now, here is Joyce in her own words…

How I Became Who I Am

I’m a child growing up beside a bird sanctuary; we called it the swamp. My mother thought I’d never stop reading and get involved in life, and I admit it was a hard road… one I’m still traveling today.  As a seven-year-old, I was invited to VBS by a friend; The church became my second family.      “Trust and Obey…”

I’m a ten-year-old reading every children’s book in the school and town library – devouring every “Childhood of Famous American” book I could find, thinking, “If those kids became “somebody,” there is no reason in the world that I cannot become somebody, too.

I’m a teen looking from the sidelines trying to figure out how they all know what to do and how to act. Making a speech in junior hi, I introduced myself this way: “I’m unique; and there’s one very special thing that makes me unique; there’s nobody else like me.” It was a long time later that I finally figured out that we are EACH unique and a unique sample of the immense creativity of a great and awesome God.     “How Great Thou Art!”

I’m a young lady always searching for some way to KNOW… to LEARN… to LOVE… looking for friends and finally learning that to have friends, you must learn to be friendly. And you learn to be a friend by making a TRUE FRIEND of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I commit to becoming more and more like Him and living by Scripture, putting the past behind… And then I look for a ways to spread His Love around…“Like the Woman at the Well” and single until 36, I learn to lean on the Lord and discover interest in entertaining, sewing, canning and cooking, gardening, and crafts of all kinds, but reading and working with children continue to be my favorite pastimes. Recently, I’m rediscovering the joy of doing puzzles and sitting on a swing watching the trees grow – very slow!

Having no children of my own, I adopt other families for holidays, through babysitting and even through foster care, though I have no husband to share the load. Wonderful and frightful people come into and out of my life. I really begin to evaluate who they are and who I want to become. I choose a couple of godly women and choose to shape my attitude, countenance, conversation and life after them.   “I Have Decided”

Late in life I marry and discover joys in ordinary days and strength in having constant companionship and encouragement and a close friend who believes in me and my abilities. I enjoy a time of refreshment and climbing, of stretching and fulfillment. Convention speaking and helping families rediscover the joy of learning becomes very fulfilling and renews my energy over and over again. Finally, we settle inChattanooga,Tennesseeand begin to build a local “family” of precious people.

“The Family of God”

Finally, I’m a mature woman who seems to have it all together, but finds that many pieces are missing; inside I often feel like “the Great Pretender” and wonder when others will find out who I really am. I commit to acting the part and discover that acting right is a baby step toward becoming right. It has been a long, intense and wonderful journey… “Take My Life and Let it Be…”

Today, my prayer is simply: Lord, let me effectively use whatever I have left to gratefully serve You and Yours as long as you give me life. I’m yours… totally and completely Yours – no more fooling around! “It is Well With My Soul”

I love how Joyce wrote her Wednesday’s Woman post in a different way! I hope you enjoyed it. She sent some poetry, too. I’ll be sharing that on another day. Make sure you come back!

Joyce’s early years of teaching were filled with the pain and heartbreak of watching numerous boys (especially from 8 to 12 years old) who had not learned to read. As her frustration grew, her creativity blossomed. She found new ways to describe the phonics rules and developed new methods of practice that especially appealed to her hands-on and visual learners. You can learn more about Joyce, her products, and freebies here at her site.

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

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