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The Power of One Discouragement


Some of you have probably been wondering, “All that Power of One stuff is great, Many Hats Mommy, but don’t you ever get discouraged?”

Um, yes.

That’s the whole reason the Power of One came to be–to help me fight discouragement!

But, let’s be honest. Even the most self-controlled minds (and I don’t claim to be one) get tired and lose the battle sometimes. That happened to me last Thursday.

The-Power-of-One discouragement

Story time at the library has provided Dr. J with many opportunities for growth. In fact, he has made great strides in this area. Remember the name tag victory I cheered last month?

Well, these past two weeks story time was a bit of discouragement for me. The first week I noticed Dr. J putting his toilet-paper-tube penguin in the face of the boy next to him. The boy kept pulling away, but Dr. J didn’t stop.

I asked him about it on the way home, and Dr. J said, “But I was just trying to play.” I explained that in general, people don’t like things in their faces, just like he doesn’t.

This past Thursday I noticed the developmental delays even more, and it really saddened me. During the actual story time, the kids are in a room with big carpeted steps and they sit on those to listen to the story, sing songs, do action rhymes, etc. Then they come into the glassed-in craft room to do their projects related to the story.

I could see Dr. J through the door window in the story room, and when I looked in he wasn’t acting like the other children. They were standing up with the librarian, participating in whatever she was doing. Dr. J was lying down on his back, kicking up his booted feet from time to time. Later other kids were sitting and paying attention to the story. Dr. J kept turning around, sometimes standing up.

It’s times like these when the difference is glaring. Sometimes because he’s made so much progress, I forget. Then I see him around his peers and remember.

For whatever reason it really bothered me. In fact, I cried.

See the power of one discouragement? I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and when I went to the store later I promptly bought some dark chocolate chip gelato. Definitely an impulse/emotional eating purchase. And I ate some when I got home.

Thankfully, I felt mostly better the next day. There’s still a bit of sadness there, but it’s not as consuming.

That’s where we need to break the power of discouragement. Sure, we all get discouraged. None of us control our minds and emotions all. of. the. time. Where we can win over discouragement is when we go back to the power of one attitude and one task and get refocused again.

I am thankful for the children’s librarian who works patiently with Dr. J and makes sure he has other boys to sit with at the table when they work on their crafts. I am thankful for the other librarians who are so kind to my children and are not phazed by Asperger’s syndrome (Dr. J) and drama (Meatball). And, I am thankful for progress. Dr. J couldn’t attend story time before. He didn’t have the self-control he has now.

How will you break the power of discouragement today?

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

8 thoughts on “The Power of One Discouragement

  1. Jenny,

    As usual your posts are very timely. I’ve had 2 weeks of seeing the delays and regressions in my dd. she will be 9 next week and has been FIXATED on all things birthday and unable to focus on school. She has had meltdown after meltdown…discouraged, oh yeah.

    Then today, this little girl that was in a wheelchair 5 years ago, whom we were told would never walk , talk or learn, read a math word problem, answered ALL of the read aloud follow up questions, and roller skated! Encouraged, yes for today I will look past the 2 hours of school/family disruption and look at the accomplishment that happens when she does focus.

    Break the power of discouragement? BREATHE

    Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for once again reminding me that I’m not alone.

    • Kayleen,
      Thanks for taking time to share your victory with me! And I rejoice with you. What a super accomplishment! Yes, deep breathing is a great way to break the discouragement. I hope you have more victories this week. šŸ™‚

  2. Cry to the Lord for a set amount of time. You can tell Him or not, He already knows. Think of all the funny things Josh says and does. Dry your eyes, THEN go eat your chocolate. My “mommy’s heart” is always with you.

  3. That happened to me last week. My husband and I are in a major argument. I knew that both of us felt discouraged. Both of us became silent and after a couple of days of not talking, we both remembered about Ecc. 4:12, ā€œA chord of three strands is not easily broken.ā€ Because of this Bible verse, glad we’re able to refocus again.

  4. WHAT a graceful way to escape that discouragement! My way is through talking. Just a good conversation with my husband seems to do the trick!

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