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Special Needs Parents: You Make a Difference for Others!


Many times special needs parents and caregivers plug along, feeling as if they don’t make a difference anywhere. Perhaps they know they make a difference to that one person in their life who needs a bit of extra care, but they often feel swallowed up by the daily grind. Life seems to pass by.

I’ve been there.

Recently God took time to let me know I do make a difference, and I have a message for you. You do, too. How do I know? When you read these three stories, you’ll know.

Click here to see how special needs parents make a difference!

Story 1

I recently received this message from my sister’s college friend:

A story that I thought you would like….

To tell the truth I haven’t had a ton of interaction with children or adults on the autism spectrum. I have read many of your blog posts and articles and have learned much.

I work at our local hospital in the One Day Surgery department. Last week I was assigned an autistic adult man. He was legally blind and totally non verbal. It was passed on to me this gentleman did NOT like to be touched. The first thing I did was turn the lights down…shut the door to cut down on any outside noises and stimuli. I used a soft kind voice and told him EVERY time before I touched him. 

He began to bleed rather heavily and I had to apply pressure for an extended period of time. His caretaker was amazed. She said normally he gets agitated and upset. He and I got along splendidly. 

Just wanted to encourage you that you never know just who you might touch through your Autism Awareness. There was an autistic gentleman that was touched in a way by you and your educating me

I cried when I read that.

Story #2

An email from a reader:

Just some encouragement, I sent an article you posted on twitter recently to our church campus children’s ministry director about special needs. She responded that a prayer of hers the past year was to begin a special needs class and for God to provide resources. The day before I sent the article to her two newer ladies in our church with experience in that area had asked if they could help get a special needs class started. So God is moving in Orlando to hopefully help parents of children with special needs.  

Story #3

Yesterday I took time to stop and check in on another autism mom at church who recently had her third baby. You can imagine life changes with a third child, but special needs don’t stop. I had a chance to listen to her and be a sympathetic ear. I tried to offer suggestions and later thought I may have done too much talking (I know, you can’t imagine that I do that, right?). Today she sent me a message thanking me for listening to her and relaying her fears.

Can I tell you something? These stories could be YOU, special needs parent. When you take time to advocate on behalf of your child, you make the world a better place for other special needs children as well. When you take a moment to hug a fellow autism mom and tell her you understand, you give her extra strength. When you share with others how public places can make tweaks to help special needs families, you give others boldness to do the same.

Don’t give up, friends. You make a difference!

A special note of thanks to those who took the time to pass their messages to me. God used your words to encourage me!

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

8 thoughts on “Special Needs Parents: You Make a Difference for Others!

  1. Thanks for the post! Our son is in his twenties, and I always hoped we made it better (especially the schools) for the ones coming after us. I guess we understood the sadness and what they would face. I know God was there at our meetings when I needed him. He gave us a difficult road but in the process brings us closer to him. God bless and keep up the great work!!

  2. Wonderful post! You bring tears to my eyes, Jenny!

  3. What a wonderful post. I guess we do forget the impact we have on teaching those around us.

    My Son-in-law is a medical student. He is always wanting to learn more about ASD because he wants to be able to help everyone who may come to him for help, and he understands that means knowing how to speak to and approach a person with autism (and their family members too!). He and my son are buddies now. My son says, “Since [my sister] is married to [him], that makes him my brother.” And that is exactly how they relate to each other…like brothers.

  4. Thank you for sharing, Jenny! Beautiful stories and it does feel good to know you can make a difference. 🙂

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