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Final Words from the Family Hope Center Seminar via

Final Words from the Family Hope Center Seminar


I was given a scholarship to the Family Hope Center’s 3-day seminar for purpose of reviewing the program. I have not been compensated in any way, and my opinions are my own. I have invited other parents who attended to stop by so you can see other opinions as well.

I will be writing more about the seminar, but I wanted you to get a feel for what the parents took away from the three days. At the end, just before we got our certificates of completion, Matthew Newell passed around the microphone so each parent could share the most important thing they learned from all the sessions. Of course it’s hard to pick one. Warning: you will want Kleenex.

For me, the biggest thing I learned was going through the neurological development chart, evaluating Dr. J., and seeing his neurological age on paper.

The rest of these are real parents, teachers, and caregivers. I did not make these up. I am using them as I wrote them down.

“I’m not alone.”

“I can do this.”

“I have a plan.”

“Hope. Faith. Love.”

“I now have a systematic approach that is doable and real.”

“I have found relief from learning about what’s going on in my son’s brain.”

“I appreciated the Einstein quote.”

Final Words from Family Hope Center Seminar via

“You gave us a Rosetta stone. Now it makes sense what is going on in their brains.”

“I understand my brain better.”

“The light is on. I can see the light.”

“My child is well. He’s just hurt right now. He’s going to be ok.”

“We feel empowered.”

“We are not alone. Nothing is impossible.”

“I found my missing piece.”

“We are on the right track and we have been given tangible tools we can use to help waken our daughter’s brain.”

Final Words from Family Hope Center Seminar via

Jennifer, part of the Family Hope Center clinical team, helped me a lot during the seminar.

“I really appreciated seeing the quality of the team  you’ve put together and seeing their enthusiasm.”

“My son is going to be fine and I don’t need to worry anymore and I’ll be able to sleep at night.”

“We’ve all heard, ‘Go and stimulate your child’s brain.’ Now we know how to do it.”

“Don’t give up.”

“My son has gone from seven diagnoses to one.”

“I’m done looking for what’s going to help my son.”

“I’m really struck that a blind child can learn to see.”

“The fix is relatively easy. It’s going to take time and effort, but we can do it on our own.”

“I feel like we’re winning now.”

“I will take these things home to Denmark and do it differently for the children at our school.”

“I can’t wait to get home and get my little boy on the right track.”

“We’re all in very good hands with this team.

“It was eye-opening to be with so many people from so many states and countries that could understand what we all go through.”

And, from a 13  year-old boy who attended with his parents…

“I’ve never been good at making friends and I thought that was something people just had. Now I know I can pull it together and I hope some day I can be normal and make friends.”


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Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

7 thoughts on “Final Words from the Family Hope Center Seminar

  1. Hey all, I am the “I am not alone” commenter. Yes, those are very much real words spoken by real parents at the conference. Yes, I got a LOT of very good information on the brain, immeasurable amounts of help on what to do for my children (we have two sons with issues), and so much more. But, I walked out realizing we aren’t alone. We have had such trials with getting our children help. We have fought against doctors who said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with him, maybe he’s in pain, I am prescribing Neurontin” and my son was only 4 months old at the time. We wanted to know what our children had, what could be done to help them, and what we, as parents, could do to help them feel better, be better, and be successful in life. We felt like we were the lone wolf crying in the night and no one was listening beyond giving us labels. “Your child has XYZ” and then they would walk out of the room. The therapy we were using wasn’t working. We were seeing some improvement with some “non-traditional” approaches (diet changes, supplements, etc) but we weren’t hitting critical mass and were looking around for someone to come along side us and help us figure out what to do next.

    This is what I got this weekend, that someone to come along side us and help. Not only were they there to help guide us, but I (my husband couldn’t attend as he had to take care of our children while I was there) met so many parents who had similar stories, struggles, and questions about their own children. I even have contact information of a few of them as we just bonded so much in 3 days that we wanted to keep in touch. (some are in other countries, this isn’t just a U.S. issue).

  2. Jenny, I remember us talking years ago that you wanted to know about going to Option or Sonrise and I told you to save your money. This is why…this is where parent need to go this is the kind of hands on FACTUAL work that makes lives different. I am so happy you went and I know your head will be spinning for days to come. Keep us posted, tell about your program ideas and how they worked. I am so happy for you…and for all the parents who have attended and will attend in the weeks and years to come.

    • I am glad you did, Cheryl. I will be sending you a message about something that might help John recover more quickly after seizures if he doesn’t have any heart or lung problems.

      • Would you be willing to share your suggestion for treatment of seizures with me as well please?

  3. Hi Jenny, my husband and I attended the parent conference in Feb and took our son for a two day evaluation three months ago today. His progress has been amazing. Where do I start…..he can now crawl on his tummy, crawl on his hands and knees, pull himself onto his knees, pull himself up to stand, climb into bed unaided, cruise around holding furniture, speak clearly, be understood by others, put 7/8 word sentences together, eats three times as much, has tried four new foods, allows his teeth to be brushed, can tolerate hair dryer and drills etc, will drink from a dippy cup, wants hugs and told us he loves us !!! I’ve probably missed something out 🙂 All of these things seemed impossible before. We had been taking our son to physio & speech therapy for two years. In fact before we started the program our ST said our son should to go to a special language unit rather than mainstream school. After seeing him last week she said he no longer qualifies for ST! I was very sceptical but the proof is plain for all to see. We are now hopeful that our son will walk.

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