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As a woman, I wear many hats just like the rest of you. My hat list includes Christian, wife, mother, dietitian, nurse, chef, event planner, financial manager, musician, reader, writer, business woman, advocate, home educator, and more.

My oldest son has autism, and a gluten-free/casein-free diet has really helped reduce his symptoms. My husband encouraged me to start blogging for stress reduction. I try to write candidly for three reasons:

1) so others can see there is someone else out there who has experienced the same thing or something similar.

2) so others not touched by autism can get a glimpse of living with autism.

3) to remind all of us to choose gratitude as a perspective and look to God for strength.

I enjoy interacting with other people, sharing ideas and information, learning from guest bloggers, and stretching myself.

You will discover posts about living with autism,  product and book reviewsrecipes to enjoy, and more.

Future Horizons Inc. approached me about joining their blogger review team, and I am very glad I did–their materials for autism, Aspergers, and SPD are amazing! You can also find me in the book of over 40 special needs bloggers, Wit and Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids: Mostly True Stories from the Spectrum.

My newest adventure is becoming part of the review team and Social Media Manager for Home Educating Family (HEDUA). It is a ground-level project, and you can see the beta testing version here:

If you miss me over here, it’s because I’m busy running Home Educating Family’s blog. I often miss posting more often on this little blog, but I remind myself that I am advocating for special needs family on a much larger scale over there, as I have brought a weekly special needs post to a mainstream magazine! I invite you to come on over and poke around the blog there.

If you know a child on the autism spectrum, I invite you to stop over to my Let’s Tell ‘Em post. As caregivers we are often so busy advocating for our special needs child that we forget the good parts. Here is a chance to leave a comment for other readers to see what is wonderful about your child.

Feel free to leave comments whenever you’d like. I truly enjoy interacting with my readers! You can also use my Contact page.

Thanks to for our great family shot!

What Others are Saying about Many Hats Mommy:

“Stop over and take a peek. I really like her blog she is working hard to make it a must read every morning!”

~Heather at Special Needs Homeschooling

“A beautifully written blog post about what it’s like. This is my friend Jenny, her son has autism, he is quite a bit younger than [my son] but this gives a small glimpse of the world in which we live. Thanks again Jenny for your openness and amazing way with words.”

~Christine at I love Dyl pickles

Not only is Many Hats Mommya busy work-at-home mother, a savvy business woman, and a compassionate special needs advocate, she is also a cutthroat [writing] competitor!  I have already gleaned so much from her skill and perspective.

~LeaAnn at Whatever State

“I think it says a lot about your writing, that you caught the eye of a 21 year old in college, not married with no kids; we may have nothing in common, but I really enjoy your blog, especially Wednesday’s Woman.”

~Megan, at

7 thoughts on “About

    • Wow, I am so honored that you have stopped by, Tent Blogger! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit my humble home. I appreciate your kind words and your teaching!

  1. Greetings from Illinois! I contacted you last week about being part of a blogging campaign for Lisa and Francis Chan (best-selling author of Crazy Love, Forgotten God, and host of the BASIC series) and publisher David C Cook for the premiere of Lisa Chan’s new devotional film series “True Beauty” ( I’d still love for you to be part of this! Details below…

    We want to partner with over 50 bloggers to watch and review the first film in the True Beauty series on their blog. In this film, entitled “Be Still,” Lisa Chan explores the pressures, perceptions, and expectations that women face and inspires viewers to let go of these lies and to enjoy being at the feet of Jesus. From reading your blog and seeing your influence in the vibrant community of women bloggers, we want to invite you to participate in this blogging campaign. We’d provide you with unique artwork, video, a giveaway copy, and a copy to keep in exchange for your honest review of the film.

    Here’s a quick snapshot of the campaign:

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    More than just more of the same,

    Matt Guevara

  2. Hi! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you are interested in accepting it please click on my link and the info is there. Thank-you!!

  3. The Sensory Spectrum is hosting a special blog hop of posts from bloggers in June and we’d love to have you participate! Just imagine a list of bloggers sharing their stories about what it’s like to have sensory kiddos! Read more here:

    Joining in on this blog hop will undoubtedly get your blog more exposure as people will hop from one blog to the next to read the stories. I will also be tweeting everyone’s stories during the month and highlighting some on my Facebook page.

    I hope you’ll join us!
    Jennifer @ The Sensory Spectrum
    (and you can find me @ The Jenny Evolution, too!)

  4. I just found this blog because I bought the Well Planned Day Blog Planner. As I read the intro (which I normally skip, but something told me to read it anyway,) I found your blog about special needs in “The 5 W’s of Starting a Blog” section. I am a believer as well, and started my blog to encourage other moms in the trenches of autism as well. My son was diagnosed when he was 2 and the Lord has done a great work in his life, despite the challenges he still faces as a 9 year-old. I’d love for you to pop over to my blog, if you can! Happy to have found this one. 🙂 Blessings!

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