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Gabby Mom Review–Welcome Home, Daddy

OK, moms. You are reading this, and most likely no one else is reading over your shoulder. Time for a moment of evaluation. When your husband comes home from work–whether it’s in time for dinner, breakfast, or somewhere in between–do you stop to say “hello” and make him feel glad he’s home? How about the time your family spends together–are you surviving or thriving? (No one is listening to your mental answers, don’t worry.) Continue reading

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The Organized Homeschool, A Review

If you are not a homeschooling mom, I still encourage you to read this review and consider purchasing Anne’s book (Dynamic money-and-sanity-saving deal at the end!). You’ll understand why by the end of the review.

Anne Elliott is one of my new heroes, or I guess more realistically, one of my new friends. I hope she doesn’t mind! What I love most about Anne’s book The Organized Homeschool is her transparency. I usually feel intimidated by organization books, but Anne shares personal stories that let you know she’s been where you are! Here’s a nice, professional picture of her. If you want to see a more realistic day-to-day family picture, you’ll have to order her book! She’s not afraid to show you her home and her family. Continue reading


The Child with Autism at Home & in the Community–Review

Take a good look at this cover. Memorize the title–The Child with Autism at Home & in the Community. If you are still new to autism, you need this book! I am not joking. No one is paying me to say that. There are over 600 easy and practical tips that autism caregivers can use NOW! They will make your life easier and help make your child’s life happier. Yet another resource from Future Horizons that I wish I had two years ago when Dr. J’s reality was still new to us.

Kathy Labosh shares her best tips from trial-and-error parenting of two children with autism. LaNita Miller uses her expertise in teaching spectrum children to help caregivers succeed. Truly The Child with Autism at Home & in the Community deserves a place on shelves across the world in libraries, schools, and homes! Continue reading


Review: The Child with Autism Learns about Faith

One day my friend Gina over at Special Happens reviewed a book. It was about teaching faith to children with autism. This intrigued me because it is something I often think about. How do I explain God, an invisible and infinite being, to my very literal-minded black-and-white thinking son on the autism spectrum? I approached Future Horizons to see if they needed more reviews of this book, and they graciously sent me a copy.

I will state at the beginning that Kathy and I probably have different beliefs about certain areas of Scripture. I do not recommend this book because I think it will tell you how and what to believe. However, I do recommend it as an insight into how to start a class for special needs students at church. Continue reading


Review: The 40 Days, a Novel

Have you ever picked up a book just because you were so intrigued by its premise or plot? Something that you read on its cover called to you, piquing your curiosity. This is exactly why I offered to review The 40 Days, a Novel. That, and I also wanted a break from all the non-fiction reading I do! I thought a novel would be such a nice diversion!

Are you curious? What 40 days does the novel cover? Whose 40 days are they? Why these 40 days? Continue reading

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My Friend with Autism–A MUST HAVE book!

I do not often say “must-have book.” I often say “great book” or “you’ll really want it!”. If you have a loved one with autism, particularly a child, you need this book.

I am jealous of Beverly Bishop.  Continue reading