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Wednesday’s Woman–Bobbi Sheehan, Author

Bobbi’s book is waiting in my stash from Future Horizons for review, and then we found each other quite “accidentally” on Twitter! So glad! Get ready for some smiles as you enjoy her sense of humor, and be warned you may need a tissue at the end. And now, here is Bobbi in her own words…

My name is Bobbi Sheahan, and I’m so honored that Jenny has asked me to be Wednesday’s Woman.  I never had My Very Own Day before!

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Wednesday’s Woman–Mikki Rogers

I found today’s Wednesday’s Woman on Twitter, and she’s about to take off on an amazing adventure around the world! And now, here is Mikki in her own words…

I see myself as just another woman who has a strong desire to make a difference in the world.  I am honored to be a part of Wednesday’s Woman.

My name is Mikki Rogers and I love to dabble in lots of things such as cooking, reading, decorating and singing.  But there is nothing I love better than being a mom.  I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful children and an even prouder grandma of 3, almost 4, gorgeous grandchildren.  I feel blessed in my life to have been able to stay home all the years I had my kids home to raise and nurture them. Continue reading


Sensitive Sam, a Book Review

Dr. J loves Sensitive Sam, a children’s book by Marla Roth-Fisch that won the 2009 Book of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine. He will bring it to me and ask me to read it to him. I think he likes it because Sam has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), and Dr. J can relate to Sam’s sensitivities.

You see, for Dr. J, Sam, and thousands of other children, their brains receive sensory messages differently than most people. They are either more or less intense. In Sam’s case, most of his senses are hyper-sensitive, meaning he feels and hears things more strongly. Bright lights bother him more. Certain textures in his mouth drive him crazy.

Because of those things, I think Dr. J feels like he found a friend in Sensitive Sam. But Marla doesn’t stop at “I’m like that, too!” She helps children see what can help them–trying new things, often with the help of an occupational therapist.  Sensory-sensitive children will see that if they, like Sam, are willing to try some activities one step at a time, their bodies will feel better. Continue reading

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Many Hats Mommy Part of Project to Help Wanderers!

Back in May, Jean shared some nutrition tips with us. Today I am very excited to bring you this update, for two reasons– 1) It ultimately helps families with wandering children keep their kids safe, and 2) I’m part of the project! Jean reached out to members of the autism community, and created a new compilation of writing and artwork, Autism Awareness in a Positive Light. She included my piece, “Autism! What Now?” 

Here’s Jean’s announcement:

An Exciting New Autism Publication

This new publication, Autism Awareness in a Positive Light, is a collaborative effort to increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism spectrum disorders and those it affects. The book is a collection of prose, poetry and art contributed by an awesome autism community on facebook. This collection was edited and published by Jean Nicol of EYECAN CREATIONS Publications, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. The writings of 20 contributors and for some their art work or that of their children is a tribute to many of the more positive aspects of ASD that need to be shared and appreciated. Even those children with very severe autism bring many moments of joy and pride to their families. Continue reading


Review: The Child with Autism Learns about Faith

One day my friend Gina over at Special Happens reviewed a book. It was about teaching faith to children with autism. This intrigued me because it is something I often think about. How do I explain God, an invisible and infinite being, to my very literal-minded black-and-white thinking son on the autism spectrum? I approached Future Horizons to see if they needed more reviews of this book, and they graciously sent me a copy.

I will state at the beginning that Kathy and I probably have different beliefs about certain areas of Scripture. I do not recommend this book because I think it will tell you how and what to believe. However, I do recommend it as an insight into how to start a class for special needs students at church. Continue reading


A People-Pleasing Pig?

The other day when I took the boys to the library, Meatball found the book Piggy’s Pancake Parlor by David McPhail. I had never read it before, and I figured it was just a silly little book that would make my guys laugh. Little did I know a parable on how to treat others was tucked inside! Continue reading


Big Daddy’s Tales from the Lighter Side

I picked up the tan book. Dr. J walked over. “Are there funny things in that book?”

“Yes,” I answered, surprised that he knew that.

“Is that Griffin’s book?” he further questioned.

“Yes, it’s Griffin’s book.” Someone had been paying attention.

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A Home Run of a Book

Have you ever tried to read a book in a foreign language? Maybe while you were taking beginning French or Spanish, you dared to look at a “real” book in the language you were studying. Could you read it?

As a blogger in the Book Sneeze program, I chose to review a book about Albert Pujols. For those like me who are not baseball officianados, Pujols is a famous current-day baseball player. I knew that much. The rest was a foreign language! I am not a baseball girl. If I simply must watch baseball, I prefer it to be in person. At least it’s a bit more interesting that way.

Then why did I choose to review Pujols: More Than the Game?

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Autism Parent? You’ll Want This Book!

Today I am very happy to bring you a book I think all autism parents can relate to. Whether you think vaccines are a cause or you don’t. Whether you have a high-functioning child or a low-functioning child. Whether you have money to pay for therapy and extracurricular activities for your child, or you are barely making ends meet. Whether you have one child or ten children. You will be able to relate to Sonya Shafer’s book.

This Anguishing Blessed Journey came to me in an unassuming envelope. It’s size is such that it can fit in a purse or backpack. It’s not heavy. It doesn’t even have page numbers.

But it has a lot of emotion. Continue reading