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Introducing Coupon Mob!

Coupon Mob approached me about becoming an affiliate and having their ad on my side bar. I thought about it for a week and then realized, “Why not?” Save Money Monday was one of my reader’s favorite features back when I had the time to keep up with it, so why not give them a way to save money? Continue reading


>Important Annoucement–Save $ Monday


Hello, MHM Readers!

As you know, I have added some extra hats recently. I have done some thinking about my blog and decided to stop the Save $ Monday feature. There are two reasons: 1) I don’t have the time to do it well, like my readers deserve; 2) There are women out there who are doing it much better than I am. Having said that, I am going to list my two favorite saving-savvy ladies, and also give my local readers a new link they may not be familiar with. They are listed in the “Helpful Links” tab in case you ever forget what they are. However, I highly recommend you sign up for their email list or add them to your electronic reader service. The three ladies also have pages on Facebook. Personally, Money Saving Mom is my favoritest. ; )

Savvy Savings:
Free is My Life (metro-Detroit)
Thank you for your understanding. Be sure to stop by later this evening to see how my oldest is dealing with the transition to kindergarten at home.

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>Save $ Monday–Quick Tips

>Our mothers taught us to share, so I’m going to share some tips from an article in the January 2011 Family Circle magazine. Kelli Grant wrote “Fast Money Fixes” on page 57, so if you want more tips, you can check them out at your local store.

One of Kelli’s recommendations is creating a separate email address for your shopping alerts. I did this purely for sanity’s sake–too many emails in one place can drive a girl mad! Kelli has another reason: if you check this inbox less frequently, you will be tempted by the spending gremlin less often.

This tip sounds intriguing. If any of you find money for yourselves, please leave a comment! You can submit your name and states you’ve lived in, and these sites will tell you if you have any unclaimed funds or property sitting around in the government’s holding pen! This could be long-lost bank accounts or unclaimed deposits. You can check into it at,, and

Finally, since we all like to find new sites that help us save money, I thought I’d pass on Kelli’s favorites.  (compares prices at different retailers)   (coupon codes)  (information about sales)   (information about sales)              (reviews and consumer complaints)

Remember, you can find more of Kelli’s tips in the current issue of Family Circle magazine!

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>Coupon Time!

>OK, savvy shoppers! There are two inserts in this weekend’s paper. If you or your children are Build-a-Bear fans, there is a $10 off $30 or more purchase at Build-a-Bear! I’d say that’s worth the cost of the paper alone! Click here to discover more coupons that will be out this weekend.

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>Weekend Coupons and Holiday Recipe

>The weekend is here. Thanksgiving is next week, so pop on over to Sunday Coupon Preview and decide how many papers you need to help you finish your preparations. In advance, there will probably not be coupons next weekend. I have found there is often no coupons in the paper on a holiday weekend.

If you eat gluten-free or will be entertaining some g-free guests, there’s a great holiday recipe here.

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>Save $ Monday–FREEBIES!

>I found this Sunday as I was thinking about what I’d want to share for this week’s Save $ Monday. How timely! You can click here for some great tips on many different places for freebies, as well as link to other money-saving articles.

In addition, two more coupon sites were passed on to me. I have not had time to check them out, so here they are for your perusal. Coupon Craze and Good Shop. Enjoy!