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It’s Early! Let the Giveaway Begin!

SURPRISE! Wit & Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids has made its Amazon debut early! That means it’s time to get this giveaway STARTED! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!

You can now read a piece by yours truly that has never before been in print. And, no, I won’t be putting it up on the blog.

You can now laugh and cry as you read heartwarming stories from parents of children with autism spectrum children. Continue reading


Big Daddy’s Tales from the Lighter Side

I picked up the tan book. Dr. J walked over. “Are there funny things in that book?”

“Yes,” I answered, surprised that he knew that.

“Is that Griffin’s book?” he further questioned.

“Yes, it’s Griffin’s book.” Someone had been paying attention.

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father friday– @derekcummings77

Today is the final Friday in April. That means it’s our last dad for Autism Awareness Month. I have enjoyed having the dads add their perspective. I think it’s needed. So, I hope to have my husband or another dad share once a month in the future.

I surprised @derekcummings77 when I asked him if he’d like to finish off the month. He’s been a great re-tweeter on Twitter, so I thought he might like a chance to put a few words in. I am glad that even though I surprised him, he was still willing to write.

I caught him at a raw moment. A moment I can imagine, as I have many tear-filled moments of my own. However, I know it’s different. He has a different child, and he’s a dad.

Please take a moment to read what Derek has written. It’s very thought provoking.  Continue reading


father friday–@autismfather

Stuart Duncan is an “autism dad”. He’s a Twitter friend. I was very excited when Stuart agreed to be  a featured dad on Many Hats Mommy. He’s a very active advocate.

However, now I’m even more honored and humbled! He’s famous! This month the CBS daytime show The Talk is doing autism segments every Friday. On April 8th they mentioned Stuart as a blog to follow!

Without further ado, here is @autismfather and his wisdom…

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father friday–Big Daddy Autism

Today’s autism dad is a Twitter friend. You may have seen him around the comments area of some of my posts. He uses humor to share the world of autism. Today he writes about a birthday cake he helped create for one of his son’s birthdays. I laughed when I read this the first time, because I can imagine Dr. J doing the same thing Griffin did. Continue reading