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Wednesday’s Woman–Lisa Gallegos, Autism Mom and More

I am pleased to bring you another Twitter friend today. She has chosen to take life’s challenges and do something about them, instead of let them bury her in despair. I’m proud of her for that, and glad to know her. She is also the author of “Glitter Fixes Everything” in Wit & Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids. And now, here is Lisa in her own words…

My name is Lisa Gallegos, I’m mother to seven kids, two dogs, a cat, and best friend to my husband/boyfriend for the last 11 years. Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Trisha Priebe, Author

Ah, Wednesday’s Woman has returned! Thank you for your patience during the break. Today I am happy to bring you a fellow lover-of-words, Trisha Priebe. And now, here is Trisha in her own words…

Wait Gain Continue reading


Wednesday’s Woman–Annie Eskeldson, Author

Welcome to our first Wednesday’s Woman during Autism Awareness Month! I met Annie on Facebook, and she has been such an encouragement to me. See her picture? That’s how she sounds almost every time she posts something! God has blessed her with energy and optimism! And now, here’s Annie Eskeldson in her own words… Continue reading

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>Wednesday’s Woman–Jules Shepard, Gluten Free Guru

>I am so excited to bring you today’s Wednesday’s Woman! When we decided Dr. J needed to go gluten-free and casein-free almost two years ago, I had to find a flour substitute. Today’s Wednesday’s Woman has created my favorite! I can’t believe she’s visiting my little blog! Sadly Dr. J can’t use her flour because we discovered he’s sensitive to corn, too. However, I always recommend Jules’ flour to any new gluten-free friend! It’s still the best, and I miss it dearly! And now, here in her own words, Jules Shepard… Continue reading

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>Wednesday’s Woman–Molly Green, Budget-Stretcher Extraoridnaire

>At the end of 2010, I subscribed to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, a publication for home educators. Through this magazine, I discovered Molly Green, today’s Wednesday’s Woman. Molly is all about saving money, as I know all of you are! So let’s just get to it! Make sure you download her free money-saving e-book at the end–we have our OWN PAGE! And now, here’s Molly in her own words…

Hi! My name is Molly Green and I’m so pleased to be invited to participate in Jenny’s Wednesday’s Woman series. I have a feeling that my “photo” above might leave some of you wondering just who Molly Green is. It’s a fair question.

Molly Green (me!) was created in 2008, to moderate, in response to a spiraling economy. I’m a character much like Betty Crocker, intended to be an inspiration and encouragement to homemakers both young and old(er). Many families, especially those in single income homes are facing financial challenges these days. We at place a high value on family and wish to encourage women to make the most of what they have been given while enjoying the role of managing their homes wisely.

Molly Green is a fresh, fun way to share practical ideas, joy and encouragement in a non-intimidating, non-boring way. I was created as a symbol of “everywoman” who is trying to do the best for her family in today’s challenging economy. I’m not to be mistaken for an expert, however! I represent a friend who researches and shares the answers her readers are looking for. My team interacts with experts in different fields as well as with real women with real families sharing real solutions.

Contributors to the Econobuster blog and free weekly newsletter (sign up on the blog) include Dena Wood and Toni Riggs. My Monthly Money-Saving Digest includes articles by Dena and Toni as well as Eleanor Joyce, Patricia Hunter along with special guest and regular feature writers. We also offer a Membership Program that includes the Monthly Digest as well as lots of special perks and freebies.

The overall goal of Molly Green and is to underscore the importance of home and family, and to offer continual evidence that frugality does not mean drudgery . . . it can be fun, creative and immensely fulfilling.

If you visit regularly, you’ll find everything from tips on grocery savings, to décor ideas, to organization tips. Basically, anything that will help you to run your home efficiently, while spending as little as possible.

To get a good idea of the kind of information I share, I’d love for you all to have a free download of my 52-page January Money-Saving Digest. Just visit this page or click on the picture below to access the download. Enjoy, and thank you for allowing me to introduce myself!

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Wednesday’s Woman–Monica McDonald, Creative Crochet

My wise writing buddy LeaAnn told me that I needed to be on Twitter to grow my blog readership. I whined. I had tried it once before and hated it. She explained her reasons. I conceded, and though I’m still not the greatest and don’t fully understand it, I am glad I gave Twitter a second chance.

In returning to Twitter I have made some new friends. Friends who are in the trenches of autism and are online in the evenings after their kiddos are in bed, or are on for a quick, “Is anybody there?” in the afternoon between life’s day-to-day events. One of these friends is today’s Wednesday’s Woman.

You can tell from her 140 character tweets that she has personality and spunk. She wants to be the best mommy she can, and she’s going all-out for her son. I know he’s going to be fine. She’s going to see to it. Plus, she’s here to teach us something fun today! (Something I never could.) And now, here is Mo McDonald in her own words… Continue reading

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>Wednesday’s Woman–Marie Rippel, All About Spelling

>I think I found Marie’s company at the end of December. She was listed in a freebie report from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I clicked over to her site, and was hooked! She has created a multi-sensory approach to…are you ready…SPELLING! I sent her a message asking if she’d like to be featured, and she accepted. I will be reviewing her brand-new product All About Reading hot-off-the-press, so be watching! And now, here is Marie in her own words. Continue reading