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Reach Out and Help Someone!

The other night I went to the grocery store. Alone. Yes, alone. It is just easier on me that way–mentally and physically.

So, there I was in the check out aisle, brain frazzled from trying to make sure I figured out all the best ingredients and savviest savings. There was a mom in front of me. A mom with a full cart and a little girl sitting in the seat. A little girl who wanted to get OUT! Continue reading


Enjoy Life Foods Crunchy Cookies

“Mommy, can we test the Enjoy Life cookies?” Meatball asked this question every day until, quite sadly, I had to say, “There aren’t any left.” I almost felt like we needed a moment of silence, they were that good!

First choice, with thumbs up from Meatball

Enjoy Life Foods sent us four boxes of their new crunchy cookies to taste test. Dr. J now recognizes their label! He wanted to taste test the Double Chocolate first, and of course this chocoholic mommy did not protest!

Remember, Enjoy Life Foods products are free of the top 8 food allergens. Could that kind of product make a double chocolate cookie that tastes “real”? Continue reading


Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil chose #7. Congratulations to Claire! Thank you to all who entered. Remember to keep up with your alerts from Tropical Traditions so you don’t miss out on any fabulous deals!If you’re ready to try one of their fabulous products, click here.

(There’s a giveaway at the end, so read all the way through!) Months ago I was out of coconut flour. Yikes! I like using it as one of my gluten-free flours because it packs a lot of protein and fiber. When you have picky eaters (autism and preschool!), any protein and fiber you can get in them counts! Continue reading


Make It Simple–Nutrition

So glad to have today’s guest share some tips on kids & nutrition!

Keep It Simple & Successful ~ Get The Kids Involved! 

By Jean Nicol

Is mealtime at your house always a happy, pleasant time as everyone enjoys the meals you prepare? If it is then you are very blessed indeed. You may enjoy reading on to get some new ideas on how you can switch things up a bit and get the kids more involved. Continue reading


Enjoy Life Foods Mega [Chocolate] Chunks

Congratulations to the following winners chosen by! Coco, Sarah, and Lisa Gallegos! Thank you to everyone who participated and to Enjoy Life Foods for sponsoring the end of Autism Awareness Month! Make sure you watch for their Mega Chunks and other great products on the shelves in your local stores!

Oh, I’m so excited I almost can’t stay in my seat! Today I get to end Autism Awareness Month with a fun, delicious review and giveaway! I know there are a lot of chocolate lovers out there, and I know many of them have food sensitivities and allergies. This product is for YOU! Ok, actually it’s for everyone, but you’ll appreciate it the most! Continue reading