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Jumping Up & Down

I was pretty excited the other day. After I let Dr. J play in the tub for a long time, I decided to be brave. “Would you like to try to stand up and see what the water is like from the shower?”

I expected “no”. I got “Sure!”

Wow.  Continue reading


Temple Grandin’s New Book: Different, Not Less

I know I just posted a review the other day, but I couldn’t wait to get this in your hands once I finished reading Dr. Temple Grandin’s new book that isn’t even on shelves yet!

I don’t know if I can explain how it felt to sit at my computer and see Temple Grandin’s book on my screen BEFORE it went to print! I still get goosebumps thinking about it! I must start my review by thanking Future Horizons for such an amazing opportunity! Thank you to my readers, too, for giving me an audience! I wouldn’t have reviews and posts to write if it weren’t for you. Please read all the way to the end, Future Horizons has a really special treat for you!

Different, Not Less is Temple Grandin’s newest book–not even on store shelves yet! Dr. Grandin collected stories from adults on the spectrum. They share stories from growing up–from young childhood to college. These folks tell what their challenges and triumphs were. They boldly and bravely let us peek into their personal lives. Continue reading


There’s an App for That!

Sometimes a company will come up with a marketing phrase that hits pay dirt. Someone in a board room or back room somewhere has a moment of genius that combines words in such a way that our American culture will grab onto it, and the phrase earns its place in history. It becomes part of our every day language.

If you don’t remember “Where’s the beef?”, don’t tell me I’m old. How about, “Can you hear me now?” And, recently, folks have grabbed onto “There’s an app for that!” Continue reading


Share Your Strength

Yup. The holiday season is here. Autism parents, rejoice! When most people look at the picture below, they have warm, fuzzy feelings. When we autism parents look at this picture, we think, “HA! A centerpiece on my table? Yeah, right. My child would dismantle that in ten seconds flat. Pumpkin pie? I’ll be lucky if she eats her traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. No way are you getting that texture past her lips!”, or whatever else comes to mind…

However, we do have things to be thankful for. I was mulling over some recent destruction in our home the other night, trying to come up with ways to avoid it in the future, and I remembered a discussion on our local support group’s Facebook page. Someone asked,

“How has autism made you better?”

Did you hear that record skip and slide? Birds or crickets chirping? Silence? Continue reading


Wit & Wisdom: Excerpt & Reviews

If you haven’t read Wit & Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids: Mostly True Stories of Life on the Spectrum yet, today I’ll give you some reasons to check it out.

I asked my friend Penny over at Growing up Homeschooled if she’d review it for me. She has a daughter with autism. I wanted her perspective. She said, “Sure!” so I mailed her a copy. Here’s a snippet from her review:

When the book arrived, I had the sensation that something big was about to happen in my life. Continue reading


Vaccine Injury Awareness Month: Update on John

Remember John from last week? I posted the beginning of his story. Today, on the last day of Vaccine Injury Awareness Month, his mom shares an update to let us know where he is, sixteen years later. (If you have not read John’s story, you should read Part One and Part Two first, so you can appreciate how far he has come.)

Cheryl has one last thing for you to know before you read her story. She says, “This year both a neurologist in one state and a developmental psychologist in another, without either consulting with the other, both said John was not autistic at all. Both agreed he had suffered a vaccine injury that resulted in brain swelling and encephalitis resulting in the loss of acquired skills, leaving him permanent brain damaged. What we see and deal with today is the result of that brain injury. It’s a victory to hear such, and yet still a stab in the heart.”  

Now grab a tissue and read how John has gone from where he was in Part One and Two to where he is today.

A couple of months ago my baby turned nineteen. This is the last year of his teen years and I am starting to realize, I am no longer thirty something. I think that for a long time, I have lived my life in a strange form of twilight nowhere land, waiting for my life to become normal again. I did that because I was waiting for John to be, well, John again.

You see, I see my son as two people. The child he was born to be and the child he became. John, was vaccine damaged as a tot and went from normal, speaking in complete 3-5 word sentences, asking and answering questions to a non-verbal, deaf-like individual with physical and health issues. I used to call him my breathing blob of humanity as there was nothing about him that was normal. Oh he looked pretty, very china doll like with his very pale skin and glass eyes that stared in a fixed position, but the life you expect in a child, just was not there.

Once you hit pit bottom there is just nowhere to go but up. Continue reading


Vaccine Injury Awareness Month–John’s Story, Part 2

As I reread over Cheryl’s words, my heart breaks again. God has given her a strength unknown to many, to most. Let’s continue John’s story. (If you missed Part 1 yesterday, click here.)

Within three months I was starting to worry. The autistic like trance I had seen John slip into would be repeated over and over, out of the blue with no warning. It would last only a few minutes and then the happy go lucky toddler would come back to play. I said nothing to anyone, until the morning his preschool director called. She asked me to come in and sit outside the classroom door and watch what John was doing. I told her I knew, he was going into some kind of spell and loosing contact. We talked as I watched John hide under a table and rock and cry for a few minutes.

“That’s autism.” I said slowly

“Can’t be, I mean he was not born autistic.” She said

“I know, but that’s what that is, something has caused it.” I said.

“Well I never heard of that, but it’s getting worse and more frequent here, and he is loosing his speech.” She said staring into the room and not looking at me.

“I know, I just don’t know what to make of it.” I said back, also staring straight into the room and not looking at her. Continue reading

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Vaccine Injury Awareness Month–John’s Story

If you’ve been around Many Hats Mommy for a while, you know I pretty much stay away from political stuff. I just don’t have the energy to deal with figuring it all out and the snarky comments that could come my way. Fibromyalgia, autism, parenting, and life in general occupy my time.

Dr. J was never vaccinated, so that is not the cause of his autism. However, I cannot discount those who have watched their children disappear after a series of shots. Therefore, I’d like to honor those families. Here is one story. John is the son of my dear friend Cheryl. He is now 19, and Cheryl has been a true warrior mom to get her son where he is today. I’m sure she had many moments over the last 17 years when she felt like giving up.

I know many people who are thankful she didn’t. Here’s part one of John’s story. Continue reading


It’s Early! Let the Giveaway Begin!

SURPRISE! Wit & Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids has made its Amazon debut early! That means it’s time to get this giveaway STARTED! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!

You can now read a piece by yours truly that has never before been in print. And, no, I won’t be putting it up on the blog.

You can now laugh and cry as you read heartwarming stories from parents of children with autism spectrum children. Continue reading