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Special Diets for Special Kids: Volumes 1&2

Today I have another fantastic resource for you from Future Horizons! Lisa Lewis, Ph.D., has written some insightful materials about the effects of diet on children with ADHD, autism, ¬†celiac, food allergies, etc. Future Horizons has put two of her popular books into one volume–Special Diets for Special Kids: Volumes 1&2.

Here’s what I love about this book: Continue reading

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Vaccine Injury Awareness Month–John’s Story

If you’ve been around Many Hats Mommy for a while, you know I pretty much stay away from political stuff. I just don’t have the energy to deal with figuring it all out and the snarky comments that could come my way. Fibromyalgia, autism, parenting, and life in general occupy my time.

Dr. J was never vaccinated, so that is not the cause of his autism. However, I cannot discount those who have watched their children disappear after a series of shots. Therefore, I’d like to honor those families. Here is one story. John is the son of my dear friend Cheryl. He is now 19, and Cheryl has been a true warrior mom to get her son where he is today. I’m sure she had many moments over the last 17 years when she felt like giving up.

I know many people who are thankful she didn’t. Here’s part one of John’s story. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Creative Ways to Exercise During a Busy Day

OK, as I added “guest post” to the title up there, I laughed to myself. Notice this exercise post is coming from someone else! Ha! Anyway, there are some good ideas in here for helping busy folks still keep their bodies healthy and working well. Enjoy!

Creative Ways to Exercise During a Busy Day

Many people are struggling with ways to fit exercise into their busy lives. Experts agree that individuals need only to become more active on a daily basis to reap the benefits. While hitting the gym on a regular basis or engaging in organized sports are great ways to fit in more activity, many individuals simply do not have the time. At least that is the most common excuse given. Fact of the matter is that the average American spends nearly four hours each day watching television every day!

The importance of eating a healthy and balanced diet is even more paramount when an individual is getting little to no physical activity on a regular basis. There is no room for the occasional treat in this scenario. The good news is that there are many creative and fun ways to fit exercise into any daily routine, even for families with small children. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Making Fitness Fun for Both You and Your Child

Today we have a guest post by Emily from Primrose Schools. Get ready for some encouragement about fun fitness for kids!

Teaching your children at a young age that being active is an important part of their everyday lives is an invaluable lesson. Maintaining a fit body means balancing exercise and a healthy diet, and while some preschool centers are offering healthy food options and encourage more physical activity, this trend needs to continue at home as well. This may seem a bit complicated to teach to your young one, but it doesn’t have to be; simply by offering healthy snacks and getting active with your child is the first step to getting them used to a fit lifestyle. Continue reading


Tropical Traditions Pump Soaps

I don’t know about you, but we go through a lot of soap around here. Part of it is because I live with three of the male species, one big one and two little ones. The other reason is one of those little men can get obsessed with soap and all the wonderful things it can do, and the other is, well, a three year old. Remember how fun bubbles were when you were three?

When Tropical Traditions offered me a chance to try their Organic Liquid Soaps, of course I said, “Yes!” Who wouldn’t want to use a quality organic product? (Giveaway at the end, keep reading!) Continue reading


Get More Ideas for Picky Eaters!

Faithful MHM readers, I am very excited to share a link with you today! One of my guests, Deanne, left a comment on this post about food victories and said she would share with us after she attended an eating strategies seminar! Well, Deanne has ventured forth and returned, and has written about it on her blog. You can click here to glean great suggestions from experts to help you get the right foods into your kiddos!


Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Review

The great folks over at Tropical Traditions sent me a jar of their Coconut Cream Concentrate to take for a test in the kitchen. I am a fan of Tropical Traditions, so I was eager to try something new! PLUS they offered a free jar to one of my readers! Make sure you read all the way to the end for giveaway rules.

Once upon a time there were two little boys who needed something to do on a hot, humid day. Their mommy had injured a toe, and could not run around the playground. What, oh what could they do? Continue reading