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Where are the Helping Hands?

I am hiding with hot chocolate and What Not to Wear while the boys are playing in their room. Trust me, I don’t do this very often. I just needed some space after our trek to the library for story time.

I think I have a week’s worth of blog posts from that trip.

I kid you not!

Here’s the short version: Feel like I’m pulling teeth to get boys out the door. Walk to library since we don’t have a car today. Surprise ourselves and get there with time to spare. Meatball is not interested. Period. Fine, we’ll look for books and hang out. Dr. J mentions that maybe we should leave because it looks like rain is coming. Check out books, give Meatball last chance, he falls apart. Leave. Beat the rain home. Give boys snack and hide.

Between hanging out and leaving, one other mom had a resistant child. She had a little girl and an infant, as well as a stroller. Finally, her daughter lost it. Screaming and all.

This story time is for kids only, and the moms wait in the library. The moms who were sitting around waiting for story time to end–some reading, some chatting with each other–got pretty quiet. I was waiting for someone to say something to her about her child’s behavior, but they didn’t. I did here, “I think she’s ready to go home.” That could be down-the-nose or empathetic, so we’ll give the benefit of the doubt and go for empathetic.

When this started, the mom was holding her infant and trying to encourage her daughter. Once the screaming started, the poor lady walked around the edge of the library with stroller and screaming preschooler and struggled to get out the door. I wanted to go help her, but I couldn’t leave the boys, one of whom was having his own issues.

Here’s my question, and maybe next time I’ll get bold enough to ask it (in a nice way, of course!).

There were two grandmothers sitting on a bench chatting about vacations. Two other mothers were each standing separately, reading or holding books. Those are just the ones within the vicinity. Why didn’t they offer to help her get out the door?

I am really hoping for a discussion here. Yes, I confess I’m feeling a tad judgmental and I’m trying to leave that behind. I really want to know why we don’t help other people in public.

Why not offer to unload groceries for an elderly gentleman or lady, or someone who is dealing with a physical challenge?

Why don’t we say, “Can I  push the stroller for you so you can carry your toddler?”

Why don’t we walk over and open the door?

The scenarios are endless.

I’m guessing my pre-mom self would not have offered help, not having been there. Now that I’m a mom AND a mom of a special needs child, I see things in a different way. But maybe I’m being unreasonable.

Are others afraid they will embarrass the lady by calling further attention to her? Is it taboo? Isn’t there a way to offer help that comes across as genuine and not judgmental?

So, I look forward to a discussion in the comments, if you would indulge me. I’m not ignoring matters of safety. I’m just wondering why we don’t offer to help more often.

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Remembering Veterans Day through Literature

I love historical fiction. My favorite era is World War II. I’m not quite sure why–maybe there’s the underlying theme of saving the world. Today we have a guest post from Tricia Goyer, an author who writes historical fiction, among other things. I found her through my new job with Home Educating Family (she writes in their magazine). I can’t wait to read some of her books!

Stories Inspired 

by Tricia Goyer

When researching for my first novel From Dust and Ashes, I heard the story of a group of prisoners at Mauthausen Concentration Camp that greeted American GIs by playing the United States’ national anthem. This one story became the building block for my second novel, Night Song. In my research, I also came upon another Nazi camp that not only held musicians within its walls, this camp was also used to fool the Red Cross. Continue reading

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Reach Out and Help Someone!

The other night I went to the grocery store. Alone. Yes, alone. It is just easier on me that way–mentally and physically.

So, there I was in the check out aisle, brain frazzled from trying to make sure I figured out all the best ingredients and savviest savings. There was a mom in front of me. A mom with a full cart and a little girl sitting in the seat. A little girl who wanted to get OUT! Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–The YES! Girls

Today we have more than one Wednesday’s Woman. We have the Yes Girls! Because they are entrepreneurs, they connected with my husband on Twitter, who then suggested they’d make great Wednesday’s Women. They decided to mix things up a bit and teach you first, then tell you about themselves. Get ready for some fun! And now, here are the Yes Girls in their own words…

Our niche started with planning marriage proposals; we help men head-over-heels for their girlfriends personalize their proposals to their relationship. After assisting with over 150 successful proposals, we realized that the thoughtfulness and romance shouldn’t end there.

For busy professionals, moms and dads, pursuing romance doesn’t always feel accessible. The truth is, every wedding anniversary is a reason to celebrate. It is another year you have both honored your commitment to your marriage. Whether it is your 5th, 15th or 50th anniversary, you don’t have to settle for another typical anniversary; the average couple can make their anniversary different than before! The Yes Girls, a team of romance planners, have come up with our top 5 tips to make your anniversary celebration go from good to wow! These few simple guidelines will not only make any romantic date you’re currently planning that much more special but your romantic efforts won’t go unnoticed. Continue reading


A Chance to Help

My friend Gina from Special Happens was a guest for Autism Awareness month. I refer you to her reviews of books I have reviewed for Future Horzions. She is always eloquent. I admire her writing, and also her persistence in the face of adversity.

Her son has a rare form of epilepsy, among other diagnoses including autism. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he will embark on a new treatment which has been denied coverage through insurance. Take a guess at how much it will cost. $500? Nope. $1,000? Nope. OK, how about we go big–$5,000? Nope.

Are you kidding? Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Mikki Rogers

I found today’s Wednesday’s Woman on Twitter, and she’s about to take off on an amazing adventure around the world! And now, here is Mikki in her own words…

I see myself as just another woman who has a strong desire to make a difference in the world.  I am honored to be a part of Wednesday’s Woman.

My name is Mikki Rogers and I love to dabble in lots of things such as cooking, reading, decorating and singing.  But there is nothing I love better than being a mom.  I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful children and an even prouder grandma of 3, almost 4, gorgeous grandchildren.  I feel blessed in my life to have been able to stay home all the years I had my kids home to raise and nurture them. Continue reading

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Many Hats Mommy Part of Project to Help Wanderers!

Back in May, Jean shared some nutrition tips with us. Today I am very excited to bring you this update, for two reasons– 1) It ultimately helps families with wandering children keep their kids safe, and 2) I’m part of the project! Jean reached out to members of the autism community, and created a new compilation of writing and artwork, Autism Awareness in a Positive Light. She included my piece, “Autism! What Now?” 

Here’s Jean’s announcement:

An Exciting New Autism Publication

This new publication, Autism Awareness in a Positive Light, is a collaborative effort to increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism spectrum disorders and those it affects. The book is a collection of prose, poetry and art contributed by an awesome autism community on facebook. This collection was edited and published by Jean Nicol of EYECAN CREATIONS Publications, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. The writings of 20 contributors and for some their art work or that of their children is a tribute to many of the more positive aspects of ASD that need to be shared and appreciated. Even those children with very severe autism bring many moments of joy and pride to their families. Continue reading


Share the Wealth

This post is inspired by a Twitter conversation I had with two buddies and guests of MHM. We were discussing gluten-free finds, and I mentioned that we were having orange juice pancakes. One of my buddies exclaimed over my ingenuity. I don’t call it ingenuity. I call it desperation (explanation to come). Continue reading