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12 Ways to Create Calm in 2014

Life is Stressful

Let’s face it. Life has a knack for being stressful, hectic, and chaotic. We face demands from our spouses, kids, extended family, friends, bank accounts, jobs, outside interests, and more. If you’re one of my special needs readers, that adds another layer of stress.

I can’t wave a magic wand and make your life calmer. I can, however, pass on things that help me deal with stress.

Use these tips to create a calmer 2014! via Continue reading

The Downside of Efficiency via


The Downside of Efficiency

Yup. You read the title right—the downside of efficiency. How can there be a downside to efficiency? Let me enlighten you.

For those of you who are Type A personalities or recovering Type A personalities, or who have learned to be efficient by force of nature (like many special needs parents or folks facing huge challenges), you will face some problems. How do I know? I live it.

Is there a downside to efficiency? Click to discover! via

Here are four side effects of efficiency that should be labeled on the bottle or mentioned in the commercial voiceover: Continue reading

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To-Do Loaf

My superhero friend Shelley sent this guest post. She’s awesome, so make sure you pay attention!

Recipe for a Perfect To-Do Loaf
by Shelley MolitorIngredients:One heaping Tablespoon of VISION
2 cups of MISSION
2 teaspoons of GOALS
7 cups of TASKS, divided
One pinch each of HOPE, GOOD ATTITUDE, ACCOUNTABILITY, FUN, and RESTMethod: Continue reading


Overwhelmed? Write It Down & Choose Gratitude

In nice words, November kind of stunk. I was sick for most of it, and still am as I’m writing this. Other stuff happened, ending  with spending Thanksgiving in the hospital with Dr. J.


Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed. When you have a month like that, you just get behind in pretty much everything. So, after crying, eating chocolate, and taking a shower, I came up with a plan. Continue reading


Gabby Mom Review–Welcome Home, Daddy

OK, moms. You are reading this, and most likely no one else is reading over your shoulder. Time for a moment of evaluation. When your husband comes home from work–whether it’s in time for dinner, breakfast, or somewhere in between–do you stop to say “hello” and make him feel glad he’s home? How about the time your family spends together–are you surviving or thriving? (No one is listening to your mental answers, don’t worry.) Continue reading


Get Real–A Gabby Mom Review

Let’s get real. Most of you reading this are women. Among that set, most of you are moms (and if you’re not, you can still read on). What’s life really like?

Real women face messes. Real women love the ones who make the messes. Real women yell raise their voices. Real women try to instill good character in their children. Real women have many roles. Real women often have too much to do. Real women face exhaustion.

This month’s Gabby Mom review for Eternal Encouragement magazine is Lorrie’s latest video product From Exhausted, Irritable, and Overwhelmed to An Energized and Fulfilled Woman of God. Continue reading


Tropical Traditions Pump Soaps

I don’t know about you, but we go through a lot of soap around here. Part of it is because I live with three of the male species, one big one and two little ones. The other reason is one of those little men can get obsessed with soap and all the wonderful things it can do, and the other is, well, a three year old. Remember how fun bubbles were when you were three?

When Tropical Traditions offered me a chance to try their Organic Liquid Soaps, of course I said, “Yes!” Who wouldn’t want to use a quality organic product? (Giveaway at the end, keep reading!) Continue reading

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The Organized Homeschool, A Review

If you are not a homeschooling mom, I still encourage you to read this review and consider purchasing Anne’s book (Dynamic money-and-sanity-saving deal at the end!). You’ll understand why by the end of the review.

Anne Elliott is one of my new heroes, or I guess more realistically, one of my new friends. I hope she doesn’t mind! What I love most about Anne’s book The Organized Homeschool is her transparency. I usually feel intimidated by organization books, but Anne shares personal stories that let you know she’s been where you are! Here’s a nice, professional picture of her. If you want to see a more realistic day-to-day family picture, you’ll have to order her book! She’s not afraid to show you her home and her family. Continue reading


Gabby Mom Review–Lorrie’s MP3s

There’s a GIVEAWAY at the end of this review, so make sure you read all the way down! I want one of my readers to win! 

It’s that time again–Gabby Mom review time! Wow. Every time I review something by Lorrie I am impressed. (No, she did not pay me to say that.) You see, Lorrie has a desire inside her soul. One of her dreams is to help other women, women like you and me, honor God by serving their families. Lorrie wants to help us live according to what God has for each of our lives, not what He has for someone else, or what someone else has for us.

Mrs. Lorrie Flem

There I sat, listening to one of her downloadable MP3s, The Keys to a Queenly Castle, getting my toes stepped on right and left. You see, Lorrie knows that the Queen also needs to serve, just as Christ served his disciples and friends. Her focus was not on how everyone else can make me feel like a queen, but ways for me to act, serve, and teach, so that the castle runs smoothly and my sons will learn to be princes who look for the right kind of queen some day.

Lorrie walks through twelve different keys that we can use to unlock a happy castle. Numbers 2 and 3 particularly spoke to me–mistress of her home and raises her children–as these are things I’ve already been trying to work on. As I mentioned earlier, Lorrie was sure giving me lots to think about! It could have been overwhelming, but then Lorrie said some of the best words of all, empowering words, encouraging, you-can-do-it words! She said that I am irreplaceable! That’s right! She said no one else can take care of my husband and sons like I can. When you look at it like that, it gives you energy, importance, validation, and urgency!

Now called Eternal Encouragement Magazine

Later I listened to Attitude Adjustments. Again, Lorrie packs lots of great thoughts into her talk, and challenges her listeners to action. She shares a list of 26 ways (one for each letter of the alphabet) for us to help ourselves change our attitude to a more pleasant frame of mind.

There are actually 22 MP3s available over at Eternal Encouragment’s site. There are many great topics, and guess what! Lorrie is going to choose a winner via on June 18th to choose an MP3 they’d like!

Here’s how you enter: First,  you go here and decide which of the 22 available MP3s you’d like to win. Then you go over to the Gabby Moms site and enter! Leave a comment with your name and email (I suggest leaving some space, like suzy AT yahoo DOT com to avoid spammers.). Also tell Lorrie which MP3 you’d like to win, and that you heard about her contest from Many Hats Mommy! Voila! You’re entered! The winner will be notified by email to the address left in her entry and have 48 hours to respond.

You will see these directions again over at the Gabby Moms site. Make sure you click on “comments” under the Facebook and Twitter icons and NOT “click here to enter”. The “click here to enter” is for Gabby Moms to leave their review links.

Now, it’s not hard to enter, and you could win some really encouraging stuff! So, please take a moment to go over and let Lorrie know Many Hats Mommy readers are paying attention and want to WIN! 🙂 Please? Okay, thanks! (No, there’s not a contest for the most readers who click over. I’m just like that.)

I reviewed these MP3s as part of the Gabby Moms program. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for my opinion.