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Review: The 40 Days, a Novel

Have you ever picked up a book just because you were so intrigued by its premise or plot? Something that you read on its cover called to you, piquing your curiosity. This is exactly why I offered to review The 40 Days, a Novel. That, and I also wanted a break from all the non-fiction reading I do! I thought a novel would be such a nice diversion!

Are you curious? What 40 days does the novel cover? Whose 40 days are they? Why these 40 days? Continue reading


Autism Parent? You’ll Want This Book!

Today I am very happy to bring you a book I think all autism parents can relate to. Whether you think vaccines are a cause or you don’t. Whether you have a high-functioning child or a low-functioning child. Whether you have money to pay for therapy and extracurricular activities for your child, or you are barely making ends meet. Whether you have one child or ten children. You will be able to relate to Sonya Shafer’s book.

This Anguishing Blessed Journey came to me in an unassuming envelope. It’s size is such that it can fit in a purse or backpack. It’s not heavy. It doesn’t even have page numbers.

But it has a lot of emotion. Continue reading


Insight Saturday–Church & Autism

A friend of mine introduced me via Facebook to today’s guest. Sarah has been down the road of autism further than I have, and she’s been very encouraging. Because of her years of experience, and her faith, I asked her to write about how the church can help families who live with autism daily. Here’s what she has to say. Continue reading