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Marshmallow Fun!

Today I’m going to share some ideas of what you can do with marshmallows–cheap, easy fun to help over the summer! For those of us whose children have sensory-seeking or sensory-avoidance, marshmallows offer a sensory exercise. Working with mini marshmallows helps fine motor skills. The second activity also gives kids time to sharpen planning/organizing skills, while the third activity provides social skills practice in a comfortable setting. Continue reading


School’s In Session!

As most people are winding down their school year, we are about to start again. I started in January, and due to Meatball’s sleep pattern changes (aka no more naps) and the boys starting to pretend together (a much-needed skill for Dr. J) and life in general, it kind of fizzled out. During that time I have been trying to get a handle on what it is I really want to do. Dr. J is already reading small words and has a bundle of words memorized.

Dr. J thrives on schedule and has been begging for school. It makes him happy. Continue reading