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Yup. The holiday season is here. Autism parents, rejoice! When most people look at the picture below, they have warm, fuzzy feelings. When we autism parents look at this picture, we think, “HA! A centerpiece on my table? Yeah, right. My child would dismantle that in ten seconds flat. Pumpkin pie? I’ll be lucky if she eats her traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. No way are you getting that texture past her lips!”, or whatever else comes to mind…

However, we do have things to be thankful for. I was mulling over some recent destruction in our home the other night, trying to come up with ways to avoid it in the future, and I remembered a discussion on our local support group’s Facebook page. Someone asked,

“How has autism made you better?”

Did you hear that record skip and slide? Birds or crickets chirping? Silence? Continue reading

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Story Time, Autism Style

A little boy crying;
one crawling around the leader’s legs;
the last boy desperately trying to go home.
This is not what most would consider a successful library story time.
But if you are…
[read words on picture]
then you would see past these things.
For if you looked with the eyes of a spectrum mom, you would see:
Three little boys welcomed to story time, when other libraries would ask them to leave.
A junior-high girl with Asperger’s reading to an audience.
A little boy improving in empathy, drawing a picture for his friend.
A scared child calming down, listening to a story and drawing a picture.
A previously non-verbal child using words to make requests of his mother.
A girl shunned by her peers applauded for her efforts.
Moms watching their children, thankful for people who understand.
Yes, if you looked with the eyes of autism, you would see success.
Thank you to all who made the first SM2-sponsored Special Needs Story Time a success!

You can read another mom’s perspective on the story time by clicking here.