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Wednesday’s Woman–Dr. Kathy DeOrnellas

Today I am happy to bring you Dr. Kathy DeOrnellas as this week’s Wednesday’s Woman. She is the co-author of a book I love, What I’d Wish I’d Known about Raising a Child with Autism. You will soon be able to read my review of this book over at Home Educating Family’s review site. In the meantime, there is a discount code at the bottom of this post if you just can’t wait! And now, here is “Dr. Kathy” in her own words…

Thank you so much, Jenny, for asking me to be Wednesday’s Woman!  I would love to tell your readers about some exciting developments in autism research and hopefully enlist their involvement. Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Joyce Herzog, Educator

Joyce shared her dill bread recipe with us, and now we can get to know here a little better! And now, here is Joyce in her own words…

How I Became Who I Am

I’m a child growing up beside a bird sanctuary; we called it the swamp. My mother thought I’d never stop reading and get involved in life, and I admit it was a hard road… one I’m still traveling today.  As a seven-year-old, I was invited to VBS by a friend; The church became my second family.      “Trust and Obey…”

I’m a ten-year-old reading every children’s book in the school and town library – devouring every “Childhood of Famous American” book I could find, thinking, “If those kids became “somebody,” there is no reason in the world that I cannot become somebody, too. Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Lisa Gallegos, Autism Mom and More

I am pleased to bring you another Twitter friend today. She has chosen to take life’s challenges and do something about them, instead of let them bury her in despair. I’m proud of her for that, and glad to know her. She is also the author of “Glitter Fixes Everything” in Wit & Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids. And now, here is Lisa in her own words…

My name is Lisa Gallegos, I’m mother to seven kids, two dogs, a cat, and best friend to my husband/boyfriend for the last 11 years. Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Bobbie Padgett, Mrs. Kansas

Well, this is a FIRST for Many Hats Mommy! Remember Bobbi Sheahan, author, from a few weeks ago? She recommended her friend Bobbie for a Wendesday’s Woman spotlight. I confess I’m not much of a pageant girl, but I love her adoption focus, and I also thought it could be a lot of fun. So, here in her own words is Bobbie Padgett.

Hi my name is Bobbie Padgett. I live in Topeka, Kansas and was crowned Mrs. Kansas 2012 on Labor Day 2011. I am excited to be representing the fine married women from the great state ofKansas. I married my high school sweetheart and the love of my life, Barry, over 17 years ago and we have five amazing children; Sylvia (16), Catherine (15), Thomas (13), Anna (11) and Alexander (15 months). Our youngest is adopted. Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–The YES! Girls

Today we have more than one Wednesday’s Woman. We have the Yes Girls! Because they are entrepreneurs, they connected with my husband on Twitter, who then suggested they’d make great Wednesday’s Women. They decided to mix things up a bit and teach you first, then tell you about themselves. Get ready for some fun! And now, here are the Yes Girls in their own words…

Our niche started with planning marriage proposals; we help men head-over-heels for their girlfriends personalize their proposals to their relationship. After assisting with over 150 successful proposals, we realized that the thoughtfulness and romance shouldn’t end there.

For busy professionals, moms and dads, pursuing romance doesn’t always feel accessible. The truth is, every wedding anniversary is a reason to celebrate. It is another year you have both honored your commitment to your marriage. Whether it is your 5th, 15th or 50th anniversary, you don’t have to settle for another typical anniversary; the average couple can make their anniversary different than before! The Yes Girls, a team of romance planners, have come up with our top 5 tips to make your anniversary celebration go from good to wow! These few simple guidelines will not only make any romantic date you’re currently planning that much more special but your romantic efforts won’t go unnoticed. Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Melonie Kennedy

Well, here is yet another lady I met through my writing buddy. Melonie is in the social media department at Home Educating Family. Remember, I’m now an editorial assistant in the reviews department. My writing buddy introduced us because she thought we had a lot in common, and we do! Good thing the three of us don’t work in an actual office together. We’d probably get into a lot of trouble. And now here is Melonie in her own words… Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Bobbi Sheehan, Author

Bobbi’s book is waiting in my stash from Future Horizons for review, and then we found each other quite “accidentally” on Twitter! So glad! Get ready for some smiles as you enjoy her sense of humor, and be warned you may need a tissue at the end. And now, here is Bobbi in her own words…

My name is Bobbi Sheahan, and I’m so honored that Jenny has asked me to be Wednesday’s Woman.  I never had My Very Own Day before!

Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Mikki Rogers

I found today’s Wednesday’s Woman on Twitter, and she’s about to take off on an amazing adventure around the world! And now, here is Mikki in her own words…

I see myself as just another woman who has a strong desire to make a difference in the world.  I am honored to be a part of Wednesday’s Woman.

My name is Mikki Rogers and I love to dabble in lots of things such as cooking, reading, decorating and singing.  But there is nothing I love better than being a mom.  I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful children and an even prouder grandma of 3, almost 4, gorgeous grandchildren.  I feel blessed in my life to have been able to stay home all the years I had my kids home to raise and nurture them. Continue reading


Wednesday’s Woman–Paula Kluth, Autism Educator

A while ago I checked out some books from the library. I was starting to look for ideas that would help me as I homeschool Dr. J. One of the books amazed me. It was by Paula Kluth. I reserved more by Paula. She impressed me again! With so many books published, she must be a busy and important lady, but I had to try. Would she be willing to visit my little blog and be a Wednesday’s Woman? She said yes! And now, here is Paula in her own words…

First of all, thank you to Jenny for inviting me to be this week’s Wednesday Woman.

My name is Paula Kluth and I am an educator interested in differentiating instruction, autism, and inclusive education. My passion is working with schools to individualize lessons in K-12 classrooms and to make learning more fun and relevant for diverse learners. Continue reading