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Thanks, Ms. J!

“I have a present for you,” I said as I slid the wrapped item across the counter. Just a slight moment of hesitation, and then understanding washed over her features. A smile spread across her face. She knew what a special moment this was for me. She oh-so-carefully unwrapped the package, and I could hardly contain myself. I think the others at the counter wondered what was going on. Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Bobbi Sheehan, Author

Bobbi’s book is waiting in my stash from Future Horizons for review, and then we found each other quite “accidentally” on Twitter! So glad! Get ready for some smiles as you enjoy her sense of humor, and be warned you may need a tissue at the end. And now, here is Bobbi in her own words…

My name is Bobbi Sheahan, and I’m so honored that Jenny has asked me to be Wednesday’s Woman.  I never had My Very Own Day before!

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>Wednesday’s Woman–Felice Gerwitz

>Once again, my writing buddy gave me a recommendation–join this Yahoo! group and learn from folks in the industry. And once again, I listened. That is how I met today’s Wednesday’s Woman. Felice runs the fabulous online Special Needs Expo, among other things. I will let her tell you the rest. Here is Felice Gerwitz in her own words… Continue reading

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>Wednesday’s Woman–Kim Stagliano, Author

>Remember my friend Cheryl? Well, she told me I needed to get this week’s lady to be a WW. Today’s lady is a busy mom and autism advocate. She has recently published a book about her experiences with autism. I love the way she starts her post! Now here is Kim Stagliano in her own words…

I was thinking about the nursery rhyme about days of the week. “Wednesday’s child is full of woe” Aw, heck I wasn’t even born on a Wednesday. I’m an upbeat person – woe is not my thing. And really, what an awful statement about the day of your birth. I was a Thursday child. And Thursday’s child has “far to go.” JACKPOT.

In my book, All I Can Handle I’m No Mother Teresa, I’m really clear that I have so far to go I feel like Dorothy looking at the yellow brick road twisting miles ahead of me into the horizon. The tagline is “You won’t need a Prozac to read it.” It’s a funny look at a life turned upside down. My husband and I have three gorgeous girls with autism. (I know, it seems impossible, yet we’ve learned that the impossible is pretty much our lot in life.) Children become the focus of the family. Special needs kids do so in a unique way. They can take over a marriage, a life, a career. And mine have – but in a really good way.

Mia (16) Gianna (14) and Bella (10) are bright, hard working kids – and their Dad and I are always proud of them, Well – almost always! There are moments of rollerocaster terror and Joan Crawford wild eyed “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” incidents that remind me that the title of my book is dead on accurate. No Mother Teresa here, I assure you.

Despite the challenges my girls face and the fact that I would peel back their autism like the skin on an orange if I could (they are severely affected in terms of speech, life skills and safety) our life as a family is richly populated with new friends I’d never have met if it weren’t for what could have been a life of “woe” rather than “far to go.” I’ve heard from so many people who’ve read the book who said, “Thank you. I feel like I was sitting down and talking to you and you helped me get through a dark moment. I feel like we’re friends,”

And we are.

The autism community is full of Tuesday, Friday and Saturday Moms. full of grace, loving and giving and working hard for their living. I’m proud to have gotten to reach so many of them and hope that if you have a child on the spectrum, or a friend or family member facing the challenges, that my book will help you or them meet a new friend too. Please visit my website at and you can reach me at kimstagliano AT gmail DOT com.