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live the Power of One

The Power of One

How can the Power of One help you?

In motherhood and special needs parenting, we often get overwhelmed. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed that we’re stuck. We don’t know what to do next. I understand. I’ve had many moments as an autism mom that I’ve wanted to curl up, cry, and ignore the world. Occasionally that’s possible, but more often than not, we can’t afford ourselves that luxury for too long. The laundry needs to be done, the screaming child needs help, a meal needs to be cooked, etc.

How have I coped? I’ve used the Power of One. I do not say that to brag. I say that simply to pass on to you something that has helped me.

One is more powerful than we give it credit. Use this series to help you where you need it, and come back when you need something different. I hope it gives you strength to endure as it has me. Just click on the links (red words) that interest you.

Read how One can change your life! via

The Power of One

What exactly do I mean by “Power of One”? This post explains!

The Power of One Minute

What can you do in just one minute? A lot!

The Power of One Task

Feel like you can’t do much today? Completing one task is powerful!

The Power of One Victory

Special needs parents often wait a long time for a victory in their child’s life. How can one victory inspire you?

The Power of One Attitude

Can one little attitude make a difference? See if you agree.

The Power of One Tweak

How can a tweak change your life? Read on!

The Power of One Discouragement

Do you realize how strong discouragement can be? Discover here.

The Power of One Mantra

Mantras have become important to me as a special needs mom. See why.

The Power of One Kindness

Sometimes your children surprise you. Find out how my sons’ kindness blessed me.

The Power of One Break

Discover different kinds of breaks that can help you through life.

The Power of One Friend

See how one special needs mom made a difference in my life.

How do YOU use the Power of One? via

Use hashtag #powerofonemoms to share with other busy moms how you use the Power of One in daily life or how it blesses your day! Looking forward to seeing your pictures on Instagram.

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