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Autism Parents Must Always Think Ahead

Remember this post where I was so excited Dr. J took a shower? The continuation of the story is a word of caution, a reminder to stay on your toes and think ahead.

At the third or fourth shower, Dr. J seemed to have it down. I listened carefully while he showered, and was so glad and thankful he was doing so well and enjoying it so much. Then this happened. Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Dr. Kathy DeOrnellas

Today I am happy to bring you Dr. Kathy DeOrnellas as this week’s Wednesday’s Woman. She is the co-author of a book I love, What I’d Wish I’d Known about Raising a Child with Autism. You will soon be able to read my review of this book over at Home Educating Family’s review site. In the meantime, there is a discount code at the bottom of this post if you just can’t wait! And now, here is “Dr. Kathy” in her own words…

Thank you so much, Jenny, for asking me to be Wednesday’s Woman!  I would love to tell your readers about some exciting developments in autism research and hopefully enlist their involvement. Continue reading