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10 Ways to Empower your Child with Aspergers Syndrome

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Life can be overwhelming for children with Aspergers syndrome.

As a special needs parent, I’m willing to bet you’d love to make life easier for your child. You watch his struggles and wonder how you can help. Since Dr. J just turned eight, I’ve been contemplating how far he has come in the last five years. By no means do I know everything, but these ten things have helped my son navigate life’s choppy waters, and they can help your child, too. Most of these will help other special needs children as well.

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Family Hope Center Progress Report

Back in June I went to Family Hope Center’s 3-day seminar for special needs families. We’ve been doing the creeping and crawling aspect of their therapy program. I have not added in any other new items. I was already careful with nutrition and had been working on better sleep right before I attended.  Continue reading

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Essential Oils for Family Hope Center Scent Therapy

One of my readers asked me the other day which oils I used for the scent therapy part of Family Hope Center’s program. I figured other people are wondering the same, so here you go. I ordered them from The Essential Oil Company on the recommendation of a friend. The point of purchasing there was you could get samples for a reasonable price. I also used the scent list she sent me that someone else going through the program recommended. Nothing original here. I may have picked up one or two others. I don’t remember. Continue reading

#SpecialNeeds & #Church: What My Church Did Right at VBS via


Special Needs & Church: What My Church Did Right at VBS

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Many special needs families don’t get to church.

Some can’t make it–their child just can’t leave the house or handle being at church. For others, they tried, and it didn’t work. What makes me really sad is that there are many families who have been ostracized from their church due to outspoken actions and attitudes or subtle hints that they’re not welcome.

My church is not one of those churches. Over the last year I have watched how they reach out to the five families with kids on the autism spectrum. I excitedly ponder the potential as we grow and expand our ministries.

This summer was Community Bible Church’s first-ever Vacation Bible School (VBS). Prior to this, they did not have their own facility to host such an event. I didn’t volunteer to work during the week because I didn’t know what my husband’s schedule would be. I did get there four out of the five days, and it was very exciting. I watched through the eyes of a special needs mom, and this is what I saw that my church did right…. Continue reading

Family Hope Center review


The Family Hope Center: My Review Journey

NOTE: I received Your Thriving Child and a scholarship to Family Hope Center’s special needs seminar in exchange for my honest review. They are not paying me any advertisement fees or any compensation for my blog posts. All opinions in this review series are my own, and Family Hope Center knows that I am obligated to present both pros and cons to my readers.

One of the things I love most about my job with HEDUA is bringing special needs to a mainstream company. Because of that, I have been given a great opportunity. The Family Hope Center has asked me to attend their special needs seminar in two weeks. They’ve also sent me their home program Your Thriving Child. The Your Thriving Child program contains 7 DVDs with 16 hours of instruction and a large notebook containing accompanying notes and their special brain development chart. As with all HEDUA reviews, I will be sharing pros and cons.

The Family Hope Center’s programs can be used by any family for any child, challenged or not. However, since I’m a special needs mom, and many special needs parents come to them for help, I’ll be reviewing these programs from that perspective.

Let me share my thoughts so far. Continue reading

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The Power of One Victory

I almost cried in the library last Thursday. My seven-year-old son agreed with a happy willing spirit to try wearing the name tag on yarn around his neck at story time. He doesn’t like the feeling of the yarn on his neck. Frankly, he doesn’t like to wear anything around his neck. For three years he has not worn a name tag around his neck. In the beginning it caused great grief, tears, and anguish. Then we just found other ways to wear the name tag and our kind children’s librarian was ok with that. Continue reading


My Homeschool Story

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If you don’t know me, you may not know that I’m a former elementary classroom teacher. I started out teaching sixth grade in a local Christian school, then moved to third when that teacher got pregnant, and then over to fifth when another colleague became expecting. (In case you’re curious, fifth grade was my favorite!)

Even though I had a degree in education and acquired a graduate degree in children’s literature, I did not plan to homeschool my children. I expected they’d probably go to the Christian school where I formerly taught.

Enter Asperger’s syndrome. Continue reading