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The Power of One Victory

I almost cried in the library last Thursday. My seven-year-old son agreed with a happy willing spirit to try wearing the name tag on yarn around his neck at story time. He doesn’t like the feeling of the yarn on his neck. Frankly, he doesn’t like to wear anything around his neck. For three years he has not worn a name tag around his neck. In the beginning it caused great grief, tears, and anguish. Then we just found other ways to wear the name tag and our kind children’s librarian was ok with that. Continue reading


Merry Christmas!

Wow, November and December have been crazy. They were very hard. We were all sick in November, and then Dr. J ended up in the hospital over Thanksgiving. He will be ok, but it was very draining, and his illness (HSP) could return. He has experienced some regression as a result of being sick, and this mommy was in lock down survival mode. Period. Continue reading


Give Me One Moment in Time

First, I’m supposed to be catching you up on my Family Manager Action Plan. I’m kind of brain dead, so I’m having a really hard time thinking of a fancy way of saying…I need rehab. I started off great, and Shelly is awesome. Then I had a hard autism week. Then I was struggling with how to adapt to Meatball’s dropping nap time and homeschooling. Then we got sick.

So, I haven’t given up. I still have my notebook and Shelley’s encouraging, sweet voice in my head. “When you’re overwhelmed, sit down and make a list of what has to be done NOW. What needs to be done in this moment? Ignore everything else.”

And what needs to be done now is that I need to go to bed. So I’m going to share this post with you that I was saving for later in the week. Enjoy!

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