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Please Pray for Jackson

As you know, my blog has been really neglected, and I’ve been missing from autism discussions on Twitter. Life just happens, personal things get in the way, and I try to remind myself I’m advocating for special needs families on a larger scale when I work my job at Home Educating Family and bring special needs to public knowledge.

Having said that, my friend Gina and her family are facing some pretty heavy stuff lately. I want to invite you to visit Jackson’s Journey and get to know him a bit. He’s facing brain surgery, and he’s a brave little man! Please take a moment to pray for God’s watch care over him, and then visit his page and leave him an encouraging word.




A Chance to Help

My friend Gina from Special Happens was a guest for Autism Awareness month. I refer you to her reviews of books I have reviewed for Future Horzions. She is always eloquent. I admire her writing, and also her persistence in the face of adversity.

Her son has a rare form of epilepsy, among other diagnoses including autism. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he will embark on a new treatment which has been denied coverage through insurance. Take a guess at how much it will cost. $500? Nope. $1,000? Nope. OK, how about we go big–$5,000? Nope.

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