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Wednesday’s Woman–Bobbie Padgett, Mrs. Kansas

Well, this is a FIRST for Many Hats Mommy! Remember Bobbi Sheahan, author, from a few weeks ago? She recommended her friend Bobbie for a Wendesday’s Woman spotlight. I confess I’m not much of a pageant girl, but I love her adoption focus, and I also thought it could be a lot of fun. So, here in her own words is Bobbie Padgett.

Hi my name is Bobbie Padgett. I live in Topeka, Kansas and was crowned Mrs. Kansas 2012 on Labor Day 2011. I am excited to be representing the fine married women from the great state ofKansas. I married my high school sweetheart and the love of my life, Barry, over 17 years ago and we have five amazing children; Sylvia (16), Catherine (15), Thomas (13), Anna (11) and Alexander (15 months). Our youngest is adopted. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Making Fitness Fun for Both You and Your Child

Today we have a guest post by Emily from Primrose Schools. Get ready for some encouragement about fun fitness for kids!

Teaching your children at a young age that being active is an important part of their everyday lives is an invaluable lesson. Maintaining a fit body means balancing exercise and a healthy diet, and while some preschool centers are offering healthy food options and encourage more physical activity, this trend needs to continue at home as well. This may seem a bit complicated to teach to your young one, but it doesn’t have to be; simply by offering healthy snacks and getting active with your child is the first step to getting them used to a fit lifestyle. Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Mikki Rogers

I found today’s Wednesday’s Woman on Twitter, and she’s about to take off on an amazing adventure around the world! And now, here is Mikki in her own words…

I see myself as just another woman who has a strong desire to make a difference in the world.  I am honored to be a part of Wednesday’s Woman.

My name is Mikki Rogers and I love to dabble in lots of things such as cooking, reading, decorating and singing.  But there is nothing I love better than being a mom.  I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful children and an even prouder grandma of 3, almost 4, gorgeous grandchildren.  I feel blessed in my life to have been able to stay home all the years I had my kids home to raise and nurture them. Continue reading


Take Me out to the Ballgame!

I thought this next post in the “Growing up with Autism” has a nice summery feel to it for July 4. Enjoy!

The other night we went to a local Little League game as a family. The boys are loving baseball these days, and we are close to the center of the city park system. I’m glad we went, because while there we discovered it was the last game of the season! Continue reading


Marshmallow Fun!

Today I’m going to share some ideas of what you can do with marshmallows–cheap, easy fun to help over the summer! For those of us whose children have sensory-seeking or sensory-avoidance, marshmallows offer a sensory exercise. Working with mini marshmallows helps fine motor skills. The second activity also gives kids time to sharpen planning/organizing skills, while the third activity provides social skills practice in a comfortable setting. Continue reading