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Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

Just because you’re on a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you can’t use recipes that call for bread crumbs. I have come up with various alternatives. It’s fun to mix-and-match them. Experiment and see which flavors you like with various meats. I’ve used these with pork, chicken, fish, and in meatloaf. When you are using this as breading, add in some Mrs. Dash or other spices to add flavor.

Click for #glutenfree bread crumb ideas! via

Choose from the following, depending on your family’s tolerance:

  • Rice Chex
  • Corn Chex
  • Gluten-free pretzels
  • Glutino gluten-free bagel chips
  • Enjoy Life Plentils
  • Potato Chips
  • and of course, gluten-free toasted bread crumbled

The therapeutic part is smashing them all up in a freezer bag to make them crumb size (A regular baggie will not be strong enough to withstand the smashing.). You can even get your kids in on the action! If you have folks that are sensitive to texture, you may have to skip the smashing and put these things in a food processor for a finer crumb.

I’m sure there are other ideas out there. What do YOU use for gluten-free bread crumbs? Leave an idea in the comments below!

Click for #glutenfree bread crumb ideas! via ManyHatsMommy.comI used Plentils, Rice Chex, and Mrs. Dash to make this breaded tilapia.

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Enjoy Life Foods Has a New Snack–Plentils!

I have a confession. I miss Cheetos. Yes, I know they have no nutritional value. Yes, I know they’re not good for me. I still miss them from time to time. That, and Bavarian cream donuts with chocolate frosting.

But I digress.

Once on Twitter I made a comment that I missed Cheetos, that I wanted a crunchy cheesy snack. Enjoy Life Foods’ Chief Marketing Officer Joel replied, “Just wait, we’re working on something new.”

Oh, the suspense!

Then I got The Email…”Would you like to test these for us?” Are you kidding? Of course!

When the Enjoy Life Foods box arrived (which Dr. J has been able to identify and read for over a year), I opened it in the leasing office where I picked it up. I thought, why not have a taste test with folks who don’t HAVE to eat gluten free (or some other special diet). Enjoy Life Foods sent me one bag of each of the four flavors–Light Sea Salt, Garlic & Parmesan, Margherita Pizza, and Dill & Sour Cream. Three non-food allergy adults tried them, and they all liked them! Margherita Pizza and Garlic & Parmesan were the winners of that taste test.

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Enjoy Life Foods Oven-Baked Chewy Bars

Do you know what I love about Enjoy Life Foods besides the fact that they ask me to taste test for them? I love that they listen to their customers. I’ve left notes on their Facebook wall, and they reply! I’ve had conversations on Twitter with their Chief Marketing Officer (yes, he’s working on getting Meijer to carry my favorite product!). I’d say that’s good customer service.

But, enough of that. You want to know what we tested! Continue reading

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Enjoy Life Foods Not Nuts Seed and Fruit Mixes

The wonderful folks at Enjoy Life Foods sent me another great product to test: Not Nuts Seed & Fruit Mixes. If you are not familiar with Enjoy Life Foods, their products are free of the eight top allergens, which is awesome for those of us whose kiddos are super sensitive to some of those allergens!

When I opened the package, I wasn’t sure I’d get my super picky Aspie to try the mix–too many new things at once, especially things that look a lot like things he doesn’t like. However, he does enjoy testing products, and, drum roll please, the Mountain Mambo mix has Enjoy Life Foods’ mini chocolate chips in it! So, we started with that, and I managed to get Dr. J to try it. That was all for him (he’s been anti-raisins for a while now, so any dried fruit is out of the question!). HOWEVER… Continue reading