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Fabulous Field Trips & Well Planned Day Giveaway

UPDATE: Congratulations to Christina, the winner of the Well Planned Day planner!

Today is the last installment of Home Educating Family’s review team’s Not-Back-to-School blog hop! The team has enjoyed it, and we hope you have, too. Remember to read all the way to the end to discover how to enter our final giveaway. One of my readers will win a Well Planned Day planner!

Three years ago I read one of the best tips ever for a family with a child on the autism spectrum–since spectrum kids can be so unpredictable when it comes to presents, ask for money towards a membership to a museum/zoo/attraction instead of presents. This is fabulous advice! Continue reading


Homeschooling Outside the Box & Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to Shelly!


Today’s theme for Home Educating Family’s Review Team blog hop is Homeschooling Outside the [Curriculum] Box. At the end, I get to give away my favorite planner to one lucky reader, so make sure you read all the way down!

How do WE homeschool outside the box? Well, quite a bit. We, ahem, still don’t keep a tight schedule. Dr. J is so strong in his strengths, that we’re still pretty laid back. I figure if I get Bible, math, and reading or spelling in each day, I’m doing well with a six year old. Of course we have days when we get more than that in. It is also very important for Dr. J to have time outside if I can manage it.

Here are some ways we homeschool outside the curriculum box:

~One of my favorite outside-the-box activities is Marshmallow Math.

~I enjoy occasionally taking the boys outside for lessons. We pack up a blanket, materials, and snacks and enjoy a change of scenery.

~Social skills are a big part of our homeschool. That means real life interaction–making friends with maintenance workers at our complex and practicing handshakes; walking to the post office and waiting in line; time at the library, building relationships with the librarians.

~When Dr. J was younger, we did a lot of math using toy cars.

~We practice math facts while playing catch. I say a fact and throw the ball. Dr. J catches it and says the answer. I’ve done other exercises with him while reciting various facts.

~I often have Dr. J take movement breaks, especially during more challenging subjects like Spelling.

~I use lots of board games to teach a multitude of skills.

~We adapt. Handwriting can be difficult, so sometimes he may spell with tiles or tell me how to spell something. Dr. J may sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair or on the floor.

Now for the giveaway! Sometimes planning makes me break into hives or a cold sweat. However, I adore the On the Go Planner! It’s a general planner, not homeschool specific. It’s purse sized, and has lots of places for extra planning–holidays, budget, meals, grocery shopping, etc. If you’d like to enter to win, simply leave a comment like “I want to win!”. If you’d like extra entries, you can like Home Educating Family and/or Many Hats Mommyon Facebook. Finally, you can earn one entry per day for each share (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Each entry MUST be a separate comment to count. Have fun!

Do you enjoy sharing about products you love? Do you consider yourself a good writer? Can you give both pros AND cons in a review? Maybe you should apply to join Home Educating Family’s review team!

Speaking of review team, make sure you head here to find the list of the other ladies participating in this week’s blog hop. You’re sure to find lots of great ideas!

Legal stuff: This giveaway is for US entrants only, and not tied to any social media site. Prizes must be claimed within eight weeks. Winner will be notified via email.


My Homeschool Story

UPDATE: Congratulations to Lisa, the winner of the magazine subscription!

If you don’t know me, you may not know that I’m a former elementary classroom teacher. I started out teaching sixth grade in a local Christian school, then moved to third when that teacher got pregnant, and then over to fifth when another colleague became expecting. (In case you’re curious, fifth grade was my favorite!)

Even though I had a degree in education and acquired a graduate degree in children’s literature, I did not plan to homeschool my children. I expected they’d probably go to the Christian school where I formerly taught.

Enter Asperger’s syndrome. Continue reading

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Lucky or Not?

Today Erika shares her sons’ Growing up with Autism story. Erika is a very sweet lady that goes to great lengths to encourage those special needs moms who are coming behind her. 

It’s funny, through the years when I’ve described our family to people, I always get looks of astonishment because we have 3 boys. Then I let them know we homeschool and that all 3 have special needs of varying degrees. Then I give them ‘the list.’ LOL! Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman–Tabitha Philen, Frugal Expert & More

I found today’s Wednesday’s Woman on Twitter. When I read her bio on her blog, I just had to ask her if she’d write for my readers! I assumed she would write about all her money-saving expertise. She surprised me! Today she shares about homeschooling her special needs daughter. That means you’ll just have to read her awesome post and then head over to her blog to learn more of her tips. And now here’s Tabitha in her own words…

When our daughter, Lira, was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, I immediately surrendered to whatever “the experts” said. I felt like I was in a foreign country and could not speak the language. The doctor said she needed to be in school as soon as possible and for as long as possible. I even had a friend tell me about a year-round school for children with Autism. My head was spinning but I listened and followed them. Continue reading

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The Organized Homeschool, A Review

If you are not a homeschooling mom, I still encourage you to read this review and consider purchasing Anne’s book (Dynamic money-and-sanity-saving deal at the end!). You’ll understand why by the end of the review.

Anne Elliott is one of my new heroes, or I guess more realistically, one of my new friends. I hope she doesn’t mind! What I love most about Anne’s book The Organized Homeschool is her transparency. I usually feel intimidated by organization books, but Anne shares personal stories that let you know she’s been where you are! Here’s a nice, professional picture of her. If you want to see a more realistic day-to-day family picture, you’ll have to order her book! She’s not afraid to show you her home and her family. Continue reading