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Essential Oils for Family Hope Center Scent Therapy

One of my readers asked me the other day which oils I used for the scent therapy part of Family Hope Center’s program. I figured other people are wondering the same, so here you go. I ordered them from The Essential Oil Company on the recommendation of a friend. The point of purchasing there was you could get samples for a reasonable price. I also used the scent list she sent me that someone else going through the program recommended. Nothing original here. I may have picked up one or two others. I don’t remember. Continue reading

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Baby Steps: Beginning our Family Hope Center Special Needs Program

This post contains an affiliate link to Well Planned Day planners. That means if you purchase a planner via the link, I make a small commission. I am not an affiliate for the Family Hope Center. I received a scholarship to their seminar so I could review their program(s) on behalf of special needs parents. All opinions expressed are my own.

Well, it took longer than I wanted because we had to wait for a few things, but we are starting Dr. J’s Family Hope Center program this week. The mats arrived, the scents are on their way, and I am excited. I sat down Sunday night and sketched out in my Well Planned Day homeschool/family planner what I hope to accomplish. The Newells told us multiple times to be patient and start slowly so we don’t burnout or burnout our kiddos. I am taking them at their word.

Learn how we're starting our Family Hope Center #specialneeds program!

If you look, you’ll see I’m hoping to get the boys to: Continue reading