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5 Fabulous Reasons to Complain

I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to focus on gratitude. Life doesn’t always go the way I want, and so I was working on shifting focus to what is good and right in my life. I was making an effort to notice how often I complain, including all the murmuring to myself in my head, and change that. Do you know what? That takes a lot of self-control.

Well, I’m done. All those people that go around talking about gratitude–they’re full of it. They must have perfect lives. I’m tired of being stuck inside in this winter vortex junk. Tired of life’s challenges. I’m going back to complaining.

I’ve come up with five, yes, five awesome reasons to complain. Who’ll join me? Continue reading


You Deserve a Break Today, Part 3

If you have missed the first two parts of this story, you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Let’s finish Cheryl’s story.

John had slid out of the seat and was on the floor. He looked like a puddle of jello, he was so limp. Eric was reaching under the table trying to catch John who was strangely quiet, but moving. John stood up and headed straight toward me. I leaned down and spread my arms to catch him, when out of nowhere, John reached up onto a table and pulled down a cheeseburger, took one bite and dropped it to the floor, all this without stopping and still headed right into my arms. I was horrified as the burger rolled across the floor. Now I knew why John had screamed at the chicken nuggets, he had wanted a cheeseburger.

The burger belonged to a well-dressed business man who had a news paper spread out on the table and was sipping coffee. Out of the corner of my eye I had seen him unwrap the burger when I was walking backward. Continue reading