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Many Hats Mommy Part of Project to Help Wanderers!

Back in May, Jean shared some nutrition tips with us. Today I am very excited to bring you this update, for two reasons– 1) It ultimately helps families with wandering children keep their kids safe, and 2) I’m part of the project! Jean reached out to members of the autism community, and created a new compilation of writing and artwork, Autism Awareness in a Positive Light. She included my piece, “Autism! What Now?” 

Here’s Jean’s announcement:

An Exciting New Autism Publication

This new publication, Autism Awareness in a Positive Light, is a collaborative effort to increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism spectrum disorders and those it affects. The book is a collection of prose, poetry and art contributed by an awesome autism community on facebook. This collection was edited and published by Jean Nicol of EYECAN CREATIONS Publications, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. The writings of 20 contributors and for some their art work or that of their children is a tribute to many of the more positive aspects of ASD that need to be shared and appreciated. Even those children with very severe autism bring many moments of joy and pride to their families. Continue reading